Rockwall club connects triathletes from all walks of life

Rockwall club connects triathletes from all walks of life

(ROCKWALL, TX — March 23, 2018) Triathletes of all skill levels have found a home in a newly-formed, Rockwall-based organization dedicated to improving performance and enriching enjoyment of the sport.

Founded just a year ago by a group of like-minded local triathletes, the Rockwall Triathlon Club consists of members from all ages, stages and walks of life: from the stay-at-home mom of two yearning for a new personal goal, to the distance runner looking to step up the pace, to the veteran Ironman wanting a training group.

“We are a unified team and will welcome all with open arms,” said Mark Zabolotny, president of the Rockwall Triathlon Club. “When joining the Rockwall Triathlon Club, you will encounter an incredibly supportive group that will encourage you throughout your journey.”

While the club participates in races all across the United States, several of its members also compete in Europe, Mexico, Hawaii and Canada.

“Amongst our diverse group members, we have certified coaches that offer their services as well as seasoned athletes that love to share their knowledge and experience,” Zabolotny said. “Whether a newbie or a veteran to the sport, the Rockwall Triathlon Club provides an excellent support system.”

Zabolotny said he and the other founding members started the club with the objective to provide a cohesive, safe and supportive environment that welcomes athletes of all skill levels. In just its second year, the Rockwall Triathlon Club has well over 70 members. Its membership includes many triathletes from the Rockwall area but also several from across state lines.

The club provides weekly group training sessions which include bike rides, runs, pool swims and open water swim. In each of these, various paces and distances are offered so that no member gets left behind.

Aside from the group training, Zabolotny said one of the biggest perks of joining the Rockwall Triathlon Club is the discounts.

“As an official USA Triathlon and Ironman sanctioned club, we get discounts on various races. We also have great sponsorship from the local cycling shop, running store and even breweries and wine stores. This entitles members to up to 25 percent off of training equipment and clothing,” Zabolotny said.

Brian Heeg, one of the founding members of the Rockwall Triathlon Club, said he enjoys getting to spend time with like-minded individuals who lead a healthy lifestyle through swimming, biking and running.

“As club members, we design our own clothing, train when and where we want, along with many other benefits,” said Heeg, a 13-year Rockwall resident who has been training as a triathlete for the past six years.

Katrisha Milligan, an inaugural member of the Rockwall Triathlon Club who competed in her first triathlon in September 2016, said she was first introduced to the club through some of her running buddies who were also members. She admires the depth of experience and knowledge of her fellow members, and said the hospitality and welcoming atmosphere are second to none.

“The culture of the club is phenomenal,” Milligan said. “It doesn’t matter if you’re an age group competitor or a brand-new beginner, everyone is always welcomed with a smile.”

Zabolotny said members will always find the support and encouragement they need to accomplish their goals, whether that’s completing one’s first race or qualifying for a national competition.

“We emphasize that with the right group and training, anyone can finish a triathlon and will feel proud in doing so,” Zabolotny said.

By Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News. Photo courtesy of Mark Zabolotny.

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