Rep. Ratcliffe praises U.S. withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal

(ROCKWALL, TX — May 8, 2018) Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-Texas) issued the following statement on President Trump’s announcement today that the United States will exit the Obama-era nuclear deal with Iran:

“When President Obama first announced his nuclear agreement with Iran, I made it abundantly clear that I stand adamantly opposed to this bad deal that prioritizes partisan politics over national security. The Iran nuclear deal has allowed one of the world’s largest state sponsors of terror to barrel even closer toward a nuclear weapon, while ignoring its ongoing brutal human rights violations and destabilizing activities throughout the Middle East. It’s long past time to pull the plug on the hundreds of millions of dollars that are flowing to this global menace as a result of this ill-contrived deal. I commend President Trump for taking decisive action to withdraw the United States and impose the highest level of economic sanctions possible.”

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