Say ‘Yes’ to VBS

(ROCKWALL, TX — June 11, 2018) What do the words “Vacation Bible School” conjure up in your mind?  Oh, my!  I’m geared up for my almost 71st year of VBS.  I’m sure I’ve missed one or two in there, but not many.  My mother worked in VBS each year, so I probably attended from the womb!

Marching in; the pledge to the Christian Flag and the American flag; the pledge to the Bible, God’s holy Word; crafts, snow cones dripping down my arms; memorizing verses… Mother even bought me special little summer dresses or short sets just for VBS.  Those were special days.

Names come to my mind… Mrs. Herring, Mrs. Brasher, Kent Balyeat, Mrs. Ricks.  I heard my first missionary speak, Miss Ruby Wheat, at VBS.  Impacted my life FOREVER.

After years of decorating a room (for which I do not have the skill set but was good at recruiting elementary school teachers who did), preparing for hours for Home Living, Music Time, blocks, Nature, with time allotted for bathroom breaks, the morning was over in a flash.  A friend commented to me one time that the worst thing about VBS was NOT being there… it was getting there.  She had four kids.

I did three-year-olds for about 30 years, before moving over to being the Missions Teacher.  My kids helped me once they finished sixth grade.  It was good training for becoming an infantry officer in the USMC and for being Nazi Mom to three teenagers.  VBS is good training for all kinds of things, especially training in patience, endurance, flexibility and long afternoon naps.

So much has changed in our culture.  I can’t seem to change anything except an occasional light bulb (don’t even have to do that very often anymore!!!).  Some of my light bulbs may outlive me!

Do you have things that made a lasting impression on the adult you have become?  Relationships, teachers, grandparents, significant others?  I’m reminded of Moses’s growing up years in Pharaoh’s court where he learned leadership skills that the Lord would use later in his life to lead the Children of Israel through 40 years of wandering.  Or what did David learn as a shepherd boy that he would use running from Saul for 10 years…benefits of harp music, where to find water, experiencing how dumb sheep can be, especially around running water?

Spend a moment by yourself somewhere… locked in the bathroom, sitting in the car at Walmart (WITH THE AIR CONDITIONER ON!), thanking the Lord for the lessons learned as you grew into who you are today.  Some were learned the hard way… with that rod and that staff.  Some were learned during VBS… that still small voice saying:

“This is the way.  Walk in it.”

That’s a good word.

By Paula Lively. Paula is a Volunteer Chaplain at Broadmoor Medical Lodge in Rockwall. She is a VERY retired RN who loves serving the residents at Broadmoor. She and her husband, Fred, have lived in Rockwall for 15 years.

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