‘There’s More To This Eagle Scout Project Than Meets The Eye’

‘There’s More To This Eagle Scout Project Than Meets The Eye’

(ROCKWALL/HEATH, TX – April 9, 2019) Back in March, Blue Ribbon News shared news of Terry Park’s new Little Free Library brought to you courtesy of Heath resident Ricky Handschuch, who made this endeavor his Eagle Scout project.

Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love of reading and builds community by fostering the neighborhood exchange of millions of books around the world every year. The Facebook post about Ricky’s Eagle Scout project reached thousands of readers and drew more than 100 likes and comments from members of our community.

But at the time – we did not know the whole story…

Today Ricky shared with Blue Ribbon News the story behind the story (and in doing so, Ricky is one step closer to earning his Communications Merit Badge!) In his letter to the editor he wrote, “There is a little more to that Eagle Scout project than what meets the eye.”

Ricky explained that the day of installing the post for the library box he was feeling a little sick. He had to “stop working every now and then to drink water – and lots of it. After I was done digging the hole and cementing it into the ground I went home to enjoy the rest of my weekend.  Sunday night I felt even more sick, my mouth was even more dry, and I couldn’t go to sleep.”

By Monday morning Ricky was really sick and his mother took him to the doctor.

“They had no idea why I was so sick without a fever but when my mom mentioned that I had been excessively drinking water they did a blood test and knew I was going into shock.  Immediately they knew it was diabetes and I was sent to the ER,” said Ricky. “I was placed into the ICU for three days, then I was in general care for two days. When I was in the ICU they told us I had Type 1 Diabetes and that my life would completely change.”

Ricky adds, “Of course this was a blow to my mental health but I pulled through.  When I finally got out of the hospital what was the very first thing I wanted to do when I got home? Finish my Eagle Scout project of course! So that very same day I went home I got my library box and screwed in onto the post and finished it!  So the picture that everyone saw on the Facebook page had a bigger story to it. That same picture was taken not three hours after I was checking out of the hospital!”

Ricky said he wishes to share his story because even though you can have a major life-changing experience, “never let it get the best of you. Push on and overcome it! I’m really glad I was able to get this project done for everyone who visits the park.”

By Dawn Redig, Blue Ribbon News

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