Letter from Our Publisher

(ROCKWALL, TX — August 26, 2019) Real. Good. News. That was our mission seven years ago when we first launched Blue Ribbon News, and it’s our mission today. In a world where negative news is the norm and cynicism seems to dominate social media, we exist to shine the spotlight on the good.

We heard the old adage “If it bleeds, it leads” repeated over and over again. How will you sell newspapers if you don’t talk about crime and politics?

Well, the fact of the matter is – we don’t. We don’t sell newspapers. We give them away. Each month we publish over 22,000 copies of Blue Ribbon News and direct mail them to households throughout Rockwall County. We personally hand-deliver hundreds of copies to local businesses that ask to carry them. We rely on local advertisers to offset the cost and support our mission.

Fortunately, our idea worked – and it worked well. Our readership grew. Our social media platforms grew. Local businesses saw the “good” and wanted to be part of it. Demand for the printed publication became so great that people living outside our free delivery zone approached us for paid subscriptions.

We are fast approaching a milestone of 10,000 “likes” on our Facebook page – that’s 10,000 friends and neighbors who care about this community.  We’re on Instagram and Twitter, too. Our BlueRibbonNews.com website – currently undergoing a complete makeover – receives tens of thousands of views each month. Our e-newsletter has record-breaking “open” rates. Every day we wake up to emails from readers wanting to share their good news and events, educators and coaches wanting to spotlight student achievements, nonprofits hoping to raise awareness, and local companies deserving to be recognized for doing business right. We do our best to accommodate each and every one of them – through long work days and busy weekends.

Thanks to you and to all of our loyal advertisers for seeing the “good” in what we do. We are a small but mighty team of professional journalists, contributing writers, social media managers and marketing experts dedicated to highlighting the positive things happening in our hometown. We are driven by faith, family, and a need to be frugal. We figure most of you are, too.

After all, there are many other media outlets available for those who prefer to focus on the negative.

So with your help, we will continue to highlight meaningful stories that don’t always find their way into the mainstream media – “good” news, feature stories and business profiles that inspire, educate, uplift and engage. Your ideas, photos, videos and written contributions are not only encouraged, but vital to our mission.

When you see something good, let us know. Together our message is momentous, productive, and authentically “good.” You’ve just got to know where to find it – right here in Rockwall County, and right here in Blue Ribbon News.

Dawn Redig, Managing Editor & Publisher

Our monthly print edition is delivered free to ~22,000 homes in Rockwall and Heath, TX.

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