Rockwall Police Department honors C.O.P. volunteers for service to the city

(ROCKWALL, TX) If you’ve ever seen one of these patrol vehicles around Rockwall and wondered who’s behind the wheel, it’s a member of the Rockwall Police Department’s Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) – citizen volunteers who either live or work in the City of Rockwall and have successfully completed the Citizens Police Academy and a C.O.P. mini training academy. The program, which currently comprises over 50 active members, serves to bring together citizens and the police department in a cooperative effort to make our city safer.

“Some of the duties that the Citizens on Patrol perform is wrecker/tow truck standbys. This helps free up an officer to resume patrol by not having to wait on a tow truck arrival at a scene of a crash or a disabled motorist,” explained Sergeant Steve Brassil, Community Services Division. “They also perform vacation watches for Rockwall residents that are out of town. They visit the home several times during their shift. They also assist the police department in searching for lost children or the elderly that may have gone missing.”

In addition to normal patrol duties, COP members have assisted during parades, concerts, high school football games, 4th of July celebrations, and numerous special events.

Brassil added, “The volunteers are very special and mean a lot to the men and women of the Rockwall Police Department. They are part of the team and work together with us to achieve the same goal of providing the citizens of Rockwall a safe environment to live and work.”

The Rockwall Police Department recently hosted its annual Volunteer Banquet to show their appreciation to its citizen volunteers. From December 16, 2018 To December 15, 2019, volunteers performed an impressive 5832.40 hours of service for the City of Rockwall, with an estimated savings to the city of $212,824.28.

Among those honored:

250 Hour Award

Maggie Beaumont

Steve Rummel

500 Hour Award

William Beardslee

Robert Beaumont

Cathy Grinstead

Gene Grinstead

Gigi Jobst

Lisa Seligman

1500 Hour Ruth Fitzwater Award

Norm Dixon

Al Hosack

2000 Hour Award C. F. Pratt Award

Mark Vancil

2500 Hour Randy Carothers Award

Bruce Adams

Randy Carothers

Top COP Award

Mark Vancil – 518 hours

COP Patrol Pacesetter

Robert Beaumont – 366 Hours

Explorer Awards

Explorer Sgt. Ty Webb- 500 Hours

Explorer Corporal Aidan Murrey-300 Hours

Explorer of the Year- Corporal Liam Schefferstein

COP Memorial Plaque 2019

Gregory Bachman                No. 109

Tony Harris                          No. 8

Randy Carothers                  No. 103

Ruth Fitzwater                      No. 42

Hugh McFarlin                      No. 56


Marilyn Hickman                   No. 23

John Fitzwater Sr.                  No. 41

Allen Christian                      No. 86

Norman Seligman                No. 63

Here are some photos from Volunteer Banquet Awards: 

Steve Rummel awarded the 250 hour award.
Maggie Beaumont received the 250 Hour Award.
William Beardslee was presented the 500 Hour Award.
Pastor Robert Beaumont Sr. was presented the 500 Hour Award.
Cathy and Gene Grinstead were presented the 500 Hour Award.
Gigi Jobst was presented the 500 Hour Award.
Lisa S. Kearby was presented the 500 Hour Award.
Norman Dixon was presented the 1500 Hour Award.
Mark Vancil CF Pratt with the 2000 Hour Award.
Bruce Adams was presented the Randy Carothers 2500 Hours Award.
Top C.O.P. Award.
C.O.P. Pace Setter Award.
The Ty Webb Award 500 Hours Explorers.
Aidan Murrey received the 300 hour award.
Explorer of the Year Liam Schefferstein.

Potential COP members must be at least 21 years of age, with a valid driver’s license and no Class A or B misdemeanor convictions nor felony convictions. Each applicant must a thorough background examination and  interview process.

Anyone interested in joining the COP program can contact: Sgt. Daniel Garcia at (972) 772-6776, Officer Chris Cleveland at (972) 772-6746 OR Officer David Andrews at (972)772-6707.

By Dawn Redig, Blue Ribbon News. Photos courtesy of Rockwall Police Department for publication in Blue Ribbon News. 

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