Public Service Announcement from Rowlett Chamber, police regarding Saturday’s planned protest

(ROWLETT, TX – June 12, 2020) The Rowlett Chamber, like many of you, is deeply disturbed by the senseless killing of George Floyd. The country is hurting right now. We cannot adequately express our condolences for all the pain and loss so many are experiencing.

We have only seen peaceful protests in Rowlett even while seeing terrible rioting in other cities and around the country. We have no doubt that the wonderful citizens of Rowlett will continue to act in good faith.

We believe in the right to peacefully protest. Many incredible strides have been made over the years through protest. On Saturday afternoon, beginning at 5pm, there is a planned peaceful protest/march beginning at Rowlett High School. Our hope is that it provides healing and positive change to a hurting Nation.

The Rowlett Police Department, led by Chief Michael Godfrey, has always displayed great integrity and professionalism, and we are proud to live and work in a city with a department like Rowlett’s. Below is the notification from the Rowlett Police Department.

By Michael Gallops, Rowlett Chamber of Commerce

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