Project Sparkle shines bright for frontline healthcare workers during COVID-19

Texas Health Hospital Rockwall staff with Project Sparkle packages
Texas Health Hospital Rockwall staff receive Project Sparkle packages to brighten their day.

ROCKWALL, TX – September 17, 2020 — During these dark times of pandemic, Rockwall entrepreneur Christy Goodman and her team at Park Lane Jewelry are looking to shine a light on frontline healthcare workers with Project Sparkle. The kindness campaign delivers beautiful Sparkle Boxes filled with jewelry and appreciation notes to those overstressed, overworked healthcare staff aiding the sick during this COVID-19 pandemic.

“We all felt very paralyzed when the pandemic hit, not knowing what we could do to help,” Goodman said. “This was something that we could do within our own homes. We even got our kids involved, writing notes and drawing pictures to each person receiving the boxes, thanking them for their efforts and letting them know that we’re praying for them.”

In the initial stages of the pandemic when COVID-19 continued to spread at a rapid pace, it put a lot of fear and doubt in the hearts of many.  Hospitals were overrun with floods of new cases. All the while those doctors, nurses and medical professionals put themselves at risk to aid the sick, working long and exhausting shifts to care for those in need. Goodman said Park Lane Jewelry saw this as an opportunity to bring some good to a terrible situation.

Goodman said Project Sparkle not only brings smiles to those on the front lines during this stressful time of pandemic, it also gives families a fun way to get involved at home without going out and exposing themselves to the virus. She and her two sisters Ali Santano and Tysh Mefferd – the brainchild of the Project Sparkle campaign – got their families and kids involved to put together Sparkle packages.

“It gives families a positive project that could impact the community,” Goodman said. “It’s just a really wonderful thing to impact those on the front line as well as giving people a way of giving back.”

Project Sparkle package

The first Sparkle Box deliveries garnered such great feedback, that the company decided to ask for donations to the cause in order to impact more lives. Little by little, the campaign grew and became an international initiative. Park Lane stylists overseas got involved and started donating their own jewelry, and collecting donations as well.

The campaign started out as a way to give back to healthcare workers, but grew to include others working tirelessly on the front lines of the pandemic. One of Goodman’s team members partnered with the Garland Independent School District and a Garland bakery to provide Project Sparkle packages and a loaf of fresh baked bread to workers passing out school lunches at local elementary schools.

Healthcare workers with Project Sparkle packages

“What was so beautiful about Project Sparkle is that it was bringing joy to those frontline workers, but also to those creating and donating the packages,” Goodman said. “It’s been so heartwarming to see people want to grab onto something that positively impacts others. That’s why I felt like this was a special mission. In a time where there’s so much negativity, fear and anxiety around our world, this is a way that you could be a light to the community and to somebody you don’t know. It’s just a great feeling.”

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By Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News. Photos from Project Sparkle Facebook page.

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