Rockwall business’s large Thin Blue Line flag might be a Guinness World Record

Rockwall business’s large Thin Blue Line flag might be a Guinness World Record

Thin Blue Line flag at Ekin Nutrition Rockwall

ROCKWALL, TX – September 21, 2020 — Rockwall is home to what might possibly end up being the largest ever Thin Blue Line flag.

To show support for local and national law enforcement, Ekin Nutrition in Rockwall Owner John Hagaman raised a 12’x18′ Thin Blue Line flag on a 50′ pole which stands outside his business at 559 E Interstate 30. This morning, Hagaman invited local law enforcement out to shoot some drone footage of the huge flag. State Representative Justin Holland was also in attendance to show his support for the officers.

“Our police departments across the country have gotten the short end of the stick for a very long time,” Hagaman said. “So anything we can do to show our support for them, my family, my business and I will do that every day. We had a big opportunity here with this flag pole outside my store to say thank you, that we’re here for you.”

‘Thin Blue Line’ is a term for police that is used to assert that they are the line which keeps society from descending into violence and able to for civilization and order to thrive. This design has gained popularity as brutality towards police officers has risen in recent events.

According to Hagaman, the flag measures 216 square feet and is the largest recorded commercial flag in Texas. It was manufactured in Arkansas and shipped to Rockwall a couple of weeks ago.

The flag might end up in the Guinness Book of World Records. Hagaman said they have checked with Guinness about the record and are waiting to hear back, though that might not be for a while yet.

Hagaman, a lifelong Rockwall resident, said they’ve received huge support from the local community and even across the country through social media messages, voicemails, and emails of thanksgiving, remarking how brave they are for putting up the big flag.

“We are not brave; this is just what we do,” Hagaman said. “This is what’s right, and these guys need our help.”

Story and photos by Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News.

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