Rockwall School of Music brings families together in harmony for National Grandparents Day Sept. 13

Rockwall School of Music

ROCKWALL, TX – September 9, 2020 — A local music school is preparing students to share their music with their grandparents for National Grandparents Day on Sept. 13.

The Rockwall School of Music will connect grandparents with their grandchildren in a creative way by inviting them to join their grandchild’s music lesson remotely. This provides two positive outcomes: the grandchild can share their music with the grandparent, while also allowing the grandparent to experience a part of their grandchild’s weekly activities that they would normally miss.

“This opens up new opportunities,” said Russ Porter, director of the Rockwall School of Music. “If grandparents live locally, they can bring their grandchild to their lesson and experience it from a safe distance in person or if they live in another part of our country/world they can experience it remotely.”

Local resident, Mary Weeks, a grandmother who for the past 14 years has made sure that each of her four grandsons experienced music, put it this way: “It has been a pure joy in my life to be a part of the process as I watched my four grandsons learn to play various musical instruments at the Rockwall School of Music. It all started with Ben who wanted to play the guitar when he was only five years old. Next came Matt, then Sam and continues now with Dan. Through the years, I invested my heart in my grandsons’ music by driving them to their weekly lessons, attending each lesson, listening, praising, and encouraging them, and reminding them to practice, of course.”

Weeks concluded by saying, “I get so excited and find so much joy in being able to pass to my grandchildren the things that are important to me.”

When asked what sparked this unique idea, Porter responded, “Grandparents like Ms. Weeks were part of the inspiration, but on a personal note, I had the good fortune of having one or sometimes both sets of my grandparents living in the same town. I loved spending time with them. I experienced a very loving and personal bond with them and always loved having their support, especially in my musical development. I wanted to find a way to initiate an opportunity for our students to share their music with their grandparents.”

During the COVID-19 shutdown, the Rockwall School of Music, like most other businesses, had to move everything online. Their office staff and instructors had to quickly master the art of teaching remotely. Out of this experience, the Rockwall School of Music is now a trendsetter in the area of both online and in-person music lessons.

“With the challenges we’ve overcome, we are able to offer the best of remote learning or the best of in-person learning, whichever option fits the uniqueness of each individual and family,” said Porter.

National Grandparents Day was first observed in 1979. Then President Jimmy Carter proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day each year as National Grandparents Day. September was chosen to signify the ‘autumn’ years of life. Rockwall School of Music is expanding this to a weeklong observance. This allows every student an opportunity to invite their grandparents to experience their music lesson and to meet their teacher anytime between September 14-19, 2020.

A famous anonymous quote fits this occasion nicely:

‘Blessed are those who spoil and snuggle, hug and hope, praise and pamper; laugh and listen. For they shall be called GRANDPARENTS!’

The Rockwall School of Music is located at 1920 Mims Road in Rockwall, TX. For details, contact 972-722-6874; or visit

Submitted press release by Rockwall School of Music.

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