Cain Middle School, Woodhill Dental Specialties show support for teachers with Appreciation Luncheon

ROCKWALL, TX – December 4, 2020 — To show their heartfelt gratitude and support for teachers during this unprecedented time of pandemic, local dentist office Woodhill Dental Specialties catered an Appreciation Luncheon for the staff at Cain Middle School on Nov. 30. Cain Middle staff truly felt the love as they were treated to a good meal, games, prizes and gifts filled with goodies to brighten their day.

“In these trying times, we wanted to recognize our other frontline heroes – the teachers – for all their efforts to manage in person and virtual learning for the kids in Rockwall and Heath. We cannot appreciate them enough,” Woodhill Dental Specialties released in a statement.

During this pandemic, teachers have had to navigate the challenges of providing a solid educational experience to students both in-person and virtually — all at their own personal risk of potentially being exposed to the virus. That’s something Cain Middle School Principal Derrice Randle said has taken a toll both physically and emotionally on teachers this year.

“This year has been especially hard for teachers to not only provide an exceptional educational experience but one that helps develop and supports their emotional experience as well,” said Cain Middle School Principal Derrice Randle. “Teachers need to also have those same basic needs met and have their physical and emotional reservoirs filled.”

When the Cain Middle Leadership Team learned of the understandably low morale of their fellow teachers, they knew any bit of appreciation they could show them would mean a great deal. They reached out to the community for help and were shocked at the overwhelming response, with Woodhill Dental Specialties sponsoring the lunch this week and parents of the 7th grade football team committing to fully cover another Appreciation Luncheon later this month.

“Woodhill Dental more than provided a meal, they replenished our teachers mentally and emotionally by giving them a chance to slow down and enjoy a good meal during the school day,” Randle said. “The gesture of care and thoughtfulness meant the world to me as a principal because I got to be a part of serving my staff and put smiles on their faces!”

By Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News. Courtesy photos.

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