Frank New files for re-election as Heath City Councilman, Place 1

HEATH, TX – Jan. 26, 2021 – Frank New has officially filed for re-election as Heath City Councilman, Place One. As his second term draws to a close, Frank acknowledges that there is much about the last two years that the residents of Heath can be proud of. First and foremost is the city’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.

“Heath’s ability to respond in the chaos of COVID in a manner that was at all times calm, consistent and cautious, and with the needs of our residents and businesses as the primary focus, is something I take pride in as a part of city leadership, but not just because I was here when it happened,” Frank says. “Our ability to weather this storm as a city, and to provide unprecedented support to our local businesses to help them weather it successfully, began in 2017 with the new focus on strictly conservative budgeting. When a city lives within its means and resists the temptation to spend every cent available, rather than counting on the ability to incur debt to cover any unexpected expenses, that city is building resiliency, and creating the power within itself to overcome adversity.”

And Heath’s hard-won resiliency is truly showing its worth as America approaches the benchmark of one year under the grip of this virus and all its economic fallout. While other municipalities are reeling because of increased costs and reduced sales tax revenue, the city of Heath has been able to allocate five hundred thousand dollars to local businesses to help shoulder the burden of doing business during the pandemic. Additionally, while other cities are forced to pass on the burden of increased costs and lost revenue to residents in the form of higher tax rates, the city of Heath has reduced the tax rate for the third year running without damaging its solvency.

Before deciding to run for a third term as Heath City Councilman, Place 1, Frank New considered, not just what has been accomplished, but what still needs to be done.

“I have enjoyed the opportunity to look out for the people of Heath and to guide the growth and development of this city in the way that suits the wants and needs of its residents,” said Frank, “but that alone is not a good enough reason to continue occupying a place in city leadership.”

He goes on to say, “There is important work to be done in the next two years to prepare our city to successfully manage future crises, both within our own city limits and within the broader boundaries of Heath’s place in Rockwall County. I serve as Heath’s representative on the Rockwall County Road Consortium, the Rockwall County Open Space Alliance, the Rockwall County Emergency Services Corporation, the committee for Rockwall County Emergency Management, and the Rockwall County COVID Economic Relief Task Force. This experience uniquely qualifies me to help Heath build a solid foundation from which to manage whatever comes next, and I owe it to the residents of Heath to see that job done well.”

The General Election for Heath City Council is scheduled for May 1, 2021.

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