Open Letter to the citizens of Fate from former Mayor Pro Tem David Billings


FATE, TX – February 12, 2021 –  I want to provide an update on the City of Fate Mayoral race.  As Mayor Pro Tem, I assumed the duties and responsibilities of Mayor, after former Mayor Burger’s resignation. 


As I have discussed, the City of Fate is a Home Rule City. This means we have a city charter, approved by the voters, that governs how our city is to be run. For example, the city charter describes how we fill city council vacancies, including that of Mayor. 


The city charter has served our community well, but is a living document. In the case of the resignation of a Mayor, the city charter states the Mayor Pro Tem assumes the duties and responsibilities of the Mayor’s remaining term, but does not assume the office of Mayor. This means we have an acting Mayor until a new Mayor is elected by the voters as Per Texas state law. The city charter is also clear that a city council member running for Mayor must resign in order to run.  


Last month, I announced my candidacy to run for Mayor of our great city. Therefore, per the city charter, I have tendered my resignation from the city council effective February 12, 2021. The city council will elect a new Mayor Pro Temat Tuesday night’s council meeting, who will then assume all duties and responsibilities until the new Mayor is sworn in. 


As I have said many times, we are a family. We may have our family disputes, but in the end, we work together to find the right solutions for our city. 


Yes indeed, our future is bright. We are blessed to live in such a great city. May God bless our great city and each of your families. 


In Service –


David Billings

Former Mayor Pro Tem

City of Fate 

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