Rockwall Patriot PAWS welcomes Rep. Pat Fallon and his office Facility Dog Merlin

Rockwall Patriot PAWS welcomes Rep. Pat Fallon and his office Facility Dog Merlin

ROCKWALL, TX – May 27, 2021 — Patriot PAWS Service Dogs in Rockwall recently welcomed U.S. Congressman Pat Fallon (TX-04) his office’s Facility Dog, Merlin, for a tour of their facility.

Merlin was trained at Patriot PAWS and now acts as a companion to the hardworking folks with Congressman Fallon’s Rockwall office, greeting visitors and bringing a calming presence to the facility. Congressman Fallon visited with Patriot PAWS about Merlin and the difference he has made for the staff and visitors at his office in Rockwall.

“Merlin has been a wonderful addition to our office,” Congressman Fallon said. “He is so friendly and gentle.  He puts everyone at ease, both staff and visiting constituents!  We often have folks visit our office asking for assistance with federal agencies and a lot of times they are in some sort of distress.  When they walk in the door and are greeted by Merlin their whole demeanor changes for the better. He absolutely reduces stress and anxiety. We are so lucky to have him. Many thanks to Patriot PAWS and their amazing team of staff and trainers.”

As a military veteran, Congressman Fallon was highly impressed with the hard work Patriot PAWS puts in each day in training service dogs for veterans.

“As an Air Force veteran, I am so appreciative of their efforts,” he said. “I’m proud to have Patriot Paws in the 4th Congressional District. We need to support veterans any way we can and restoring their physical and emotional independence is a huge part of that.”

By Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News.

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