Sew much fabric, sew much love: Rockwall seamstress crafts beautiful quilt for County Library’s new Quiet Reading Room

ROCKWALL, TX – May 10, 2021 — When you step into the new Quiet Reading Room at the Rockwall County Library, it’s hard not to notice the beautifully handcrafted quilt adding to the peaceful ambiance of the space. The masterpiece was created by local award-winning quilter Barbara Young, a longtime patron of the Rockwall County Library. Young spent upwards of 200 hours sewing the quilt, which resembles a bookcase lined with books and other pretty decor.

“The inspiration for the pattern of this quilt came from a lady at Lake Pointe Church, who had made a quilt similar to this at the church,” Young said. “This is actually the second quilt I’ve made for the library. The first one I made when the library first opened, but over time it became faded so I wanted to make a new one.”

Young said she has always enjoyed sewing ever since her mother taught her how. After she moved to Rockwall in 1980 and had children, she began working part time but wanted something to do when she wasn’t working. Since she liked sewing, her husband suggested she try sewing a quilt. She made her first quilt in 1988, and has been making them ever since. In the past five years, her quilts have won various ribbons in several local quilt shows including first place at the Dallas Quilt Show.

Young said her favorite thing about sewing is seeing everything all come together.

“I like picking out the fabrics and colors, and seeing how they all go together,” Young said. “I like intricate patterns, and having all the little points match up is really gratifying because it shows your technique is improving. I’m always trying to improve my technique.”

Making the quilt for the new Quiet Reading Room means the world to Young, who has been working shelving books at the library for decades – back when it was located in the original building near the Downtown Square. Before COVID hit, she would shelve books at the library at least once per week. She saw the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to do something special for the place she holds dear to her heart.

“I think libraries are an important part of the community, and I wanted to do something to make it a little different or a little nicer than it already was,” Young said.

Story and photo by Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News.

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