Rockwall makes list of ‘least stressful US cities to buy a house’

 It’s official: Rockwall, TX is one of the least stressful US cities to buy a house in. That’s according to a study by HouseFresh , who analyzed thousands of property-themed social media posts from across America to find the most (and least) stressed places to buy a new home:  

ROCKWALL, TX (Nov. 29, 2021) For all the excitement a new home can bring, the journey to moving in can often be a hellish experience. From the rigmarole of dealing with agents and lawyers to the anxious wait to find out if an offer has been accepted, buying a home is a stressful process.

In fact, studies show more than half of us rate the stress of moving as an 8 or more out of 10. And 39% of first-time buyers say the stress of buying made them feel ill. With the stress of getting divorced, having a baby or getting married paled in comparison to moving house.

But is the stress caused by moving home affected by where you are in the country? Afterall, some of the key factors such as house prices, market demand and bureaucracy all vary between cities and states.

To find out, the HouseFresh team used the TensiStrength tool to assess the stress levels of property-themed tweets from every city in the US, to find out the areas where stress levels are through the (soon to be moved) roof.

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