Isaac Wilkerson completes Eagle Project for the Rockwall RC Flyers Club

Isaac Wilkerson completes Eagle Project for the Rockwall RC Flyers Club

Rockwall, TX (February 9, 2024) – Isaac Wilkerson, Troop 690 Rockwall Scout, and a member of the Rockwall RC Flyers Club and an aspiring Pilot, has successfully completed an Eagle Project that combined environmental sustainability with practical airfield operations. His completed a project focused on three key areas: water conservation, runway cleanliness, and providing shade for equipment and the airfield. Isaac’s innovative approach has led to cost savings, enhanced sustainability, and improved airfield operations.

The first accomplishment of his project was the successful implementation of a rainwater harvesting system for runway cleaning purposes. This system not only conserved water resources but also reduced the demand for potable water. Isaac installed a gutter system and watershed to collect rainwater, which is now used for cleaning the runway.

Troop 690

Isaac’s second achievement was the construction of a shade structure for the airfield and equipment. This structure protects runways, aircraft parts, and maintenance equipment from direct sunlight and excessive heat, which can cause material degradation and affect performance. Thanks to the new shade structure, equipment is better protected, ensuring optimal performance and reduced maintenance costs.

Isaac’s successful project is a testament to his dedication to the environment and his passion for aviation. His practical, eco-friendly solution has addressed several operational needs while promoting sustainability. His completed project stands as a shining example of how young visionaries can bring significant change in their communities.

Isaac Wilkerson and Owen Koziol, Eagle Scout recipients

For more information about the Rockwall RC Flyers Club, visit Rockwall RC | RC Flying Club. Don’t miss the Rockwall RC Flyers Club’s 2nd Warbird and Civilian Fun Fly on April 6, with a rain date of April 13. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy a day filled with aviation excitement.

Submitted by Daryl Wilkerson