Rockwall Mayor’s Message: It’s all good

August 21, 2012 – There is a lot of news from City Hall – and it’s all good! First, newly appointed City Manager Rick Crowley selected two current employees as his assistants: Finance Director Mary Smith and Municipal Services Director Brad Griggs – picked from a field of 160 applicants – will share the additional […]

Heath Mayor’s Message: Answering questions about city’s budget

August 14, 2012 – The Heath City Council has begun its work on developing the City’s annual budget for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.  With that in mind, I wanted to answer some common questions about the City’s budget and the budget process. What is the Purpose of the City’s Budget? The City’s budget is one of […]

Heath Mayor’s Message: Three things that will positively impact city’s future

June 15, 2012 – The City of Heath is a community of great progress, and great promise. We are at the threshold of some major developments in our City, and serving as your Mayor at this time is both an honor and privilege that I take very seriously. While there are many things that we can […]

Rockwall Mayor’s Message: Downtown improvements, street improvements

(Rockwall) June 10, 2012 – Two of the five capital improvement projects on the May 12 ballot were approved by our residents – Downtown Improvements and Street Improvements. You, the voters, have spoken – and this City Council is committed to listening to you. The city has started the planning process for the downtown project. […]

Future is promising under leadership of Rick Crowley, Rockwall’s new City Manager

ROCKWALL MAYOR’S MESSAGE It’s the dawning of a new day in our city, the beginning of a new era – and I am very excited about our future as we move forward under the leadership of Rick Crowley, our new City Manager. Since 1985, Rick has helped shaped what the City of Rockwall is today […]

Rockwall Mayor’s Message: water conservation

I’m sure you are just as thrilled as I was with the recent rainfall. While it certainly helped ease our drought situation, we are still in a drought. Please continue to conserve every drop you can and abide by our conservations efforts. We dodged a bullet when our water supplier – the North Texas Municipal […]

Mayor Sweet shares vision for 2012

97 percent report being happy with quality of life in Rockwall (Rockwall/Jan. 2012) I would like to share with you our vision for 2012 and what we hope to accomplish. We’ve survived one of the worst economic downturns in history, better than many cities. The last half of 2011 was much better from an economic […]