The Great American Eclipse Comes to Rockwall (partially)

(ROCKWALL, TX – June 20, 2017) Astrodad (that’s me) is proud to announce that on Monday, August 21, the Rockwall County Library and I will present  a local event of the 2017 Eclipse Across America. Thanks to excellent support from NASA, I’ve got a great “eclipse kit” with safety glasses and information on the event. […]

Transit of Venus visible to Rockwall viewers

Thanks to good weather and good friends Historians will note (or maybe they will overlook this tiny factoid) that several hundred people enjoyed the last Transit of Venus during the 21st century at the Rockwall County Library on Tuesday, June 5, 2012. It was my great pleasure to “deliver as promised” an exceptional stellar event for […]

See the 2012 transit of Venus across the Sun with AstroDad

“Another BIG EVENT in Rockwall brought to you by AstroDad! Actually, I’m merely your celestial tourguide, for this great event is brought to you by the Cosmos itself. ” – Max Corneau, Blue Ribbon News special contributor and NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador Join Max Corneau, aka AstroDad, for a special event at the Rockwall County […]

The Sun and its imminent danger to Earth

Jiminy Crickets! The Sun is belching out energy like windmill in a hurricane! This week gave us Sunspot group 1476, also known as Active Region 1476. This vast magnetic region that is blanketing the Sun’s heat and not allowing energy to escape is larger than Earth. These regions are usually 5,000-7,000 degress F. cooler than the […]

Our Universe Today: When the sun belches…

Our Universe Today: When the sun belches…

On 29 March, 2012, the Sun came back to life for many of us who pay attention to such events. Active region AR1429 rotated back onto the Earth-facing Sun on its northern hemisphere. In this case, the Sun is like a giant conveyor belt moving from our left to right. The last time the sunspots […]