Chicks keep cool during Dallas heatwave

In Wylie, these chicks sought relief in the swimming pool.
Thanks to a forum post at, we also tried this tip for helping backyard chickens survive the heat: create a make-shift air conditioner for the coop.
Construct the A/C unit out of a light-colored, rectangular, plastic trash can. Lay the trash can on its side, preferably in the shade of the coop, and place two or three “Blue Ice” refreezable icepacks inside, positioned at the back of the can.  (Put each icepack inside a large ziplock bag to keep the icees clean. If you’ve ever owned chickens, you know your icepacks will never be the same if you don’t keep them covered!) This creates the an “air-conditioned room,” so to speak, and the chickens may find it refreshing to sit inside or lean up against the can.
Blue Ribbon News asks – how do your pets beat the heat?
By Dawn Redig, Editor
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