Feeling the heat? Don’t touch that dial

Feeling the heat? Don’t touch that dial

August 3, 2020 – It’s so tempting to turn the thermostat down to freezing cold when you walk into a warm house on a hot day. Don’t do it. Setting the thermostat at a very low temperature won’t cool your house any faster than setting it to the temperature that you regularly use to feel […]

Heat and Ice: God’s Hot-Cold Therapy for Spiritual Stiffness?

Dallas yards featured wide cracks in the summer of 2011. This summer, they’re more likely to display roofing company signs—hundreds dot some neighborhoods. There’s been relief from extreme drought in parts of Texas, though the extreme remains. As in too many places across the U.S. in recent months, rains come by way of dangerous storms […]

In a dry and thirsty land

God knows what he’s up to, and it’s for our good So this is a drought. Many of us have never really seen one. We’ve seen images of drought in world news and in magazines from relief organizations. It’s not life-threatening here in Texas, except to livestock and poor creatures of the field. But even […]

Chicks keep cool during Dallas heatwave

In Wylie, these chicks sought relief in the swimming pool.   Thanks to a forum post at backyardchickens.com, we also tried this tip for helping backyard chickens survive the heat: create a make-shift air conditioner for the coop.   Construct the A/C unit out of a light-colored, rectangular, plastic trash can. Lay the trash can on its side, preferably […]