Wonderful learning experience, taught by unbelievable community

Leigh Plagens of Rockwall

This weekend, my 11-year-old granddaughter, Molly Kate, and I took advantage of some of the tremendous opportunities offered in Rockwall.

 On Friday night, we were welcomed by The First United Methodist Church to enjoy  “The Music Man” – produced, directed, costumed, decorated and acted by their talented youth and adult membership. I was pleased that Molly Kate noticed that there were members of our church (Catholic) as well as many other denominations, all equally appreciated and thanked.
On Saturday morning, we attended and volunteered at the Relay for Life pancake breakfast. Molly Kate was at the door placing stickers on the diners as they entered Applebee’s. I was so proud to introduce her to County Commissioners, Heath and Rockwall City Council members, RISD Board of Trustee members as well as RISD administrators and faculty members among the many business people and neighbors who came out to generously support cancer research.
After the breakfast, we went to the Farmer’s Market on the square in search of tomatoes and cantaloupe. So many vendors as well as shoppers were more than happy to make sure we got the best fresh home-grown produce available – even if they had to send us to another vendor.
Molly Kate learned (although she may not yet realize the total impact of what she saw) that Rockwall embraces diversity, community involvement, support of causes that are important to people other than themselves, and values the commonality, team spirit  and friendliness of a cherished town that three generations of her family have chosen to call home.
What a marvelous lesson for a young lady to have learned – thank you all for helping to teach her that.
By Leigh Plagens of Rockwall, Blue Ribbon News special contributor
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