‘Boobies’ bracelets banned

Do you “heart” boobies?

Wylie elementary schools certainly do not. The highly popular rubber bracelets that read, “I ‘heart’ boobies,” are banned from Wylie’s elementary schools.

The bracelets are sold to create more awareness for breast cancer and the proceeds from the bracelets are donated to Susan G. Coleman to contribute to cancer research. The bracelets obviously carry good intentions, but do the students wearing them? Are they really helping the cause as intended, or are they just a new fashion craze and a cause for more discipline?

“I know what they are about, so I’m okay with them,” said principal Mike Williams.

Teacher Tracene Nechamkin thinks otherwise, “I do not like them and am all for banning them. They are a nuisance and distraction,” Nechamkin said, “I don’t like seeing them.”

Kristin Y’Barbo likes that the bracelets get kids talking about the disease, “The bracelets are great. They create more awareness than anything else we have tried to do to raise awareness about breast cancer. I think they are a great idea and I fully support them.”

Michael Vanway very respectfully said, “I don’t mind the bracelets. I don’t know what that bracelet means to the student wearing it, so I won’t judge them for wearing something that says ‘boobies’.”

Coach Matthew Spencer questions students’ intentions, “How many of those students have ever donated a nickel to that organization or others like it?”

Students also have differing perspectives, “They aren’t appropriate to wear to school; that’s why I don’t wear mine [in school],” said sophomore Alexis Stewart.

Story by student journalist Abigail Reynolds, staffer at Wylie East High School’s Blue Print online newspaper, under the direction of Casi Thedford. Published Oct. 11, 2011.

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