Sex offenders tracked by WISD’s new visitor registration

(Wylie) [] Wylie ISD  implemented a new visitor registry system this month to ensure that all campuses maintain a safe environment for students and employees.  The new Raptor System, created by Raptor Technologies, serves as a visitor identification program that will enable campus authorities to have a heightened awareness of who is attempting to gain access to the campus, as well as to track visitors and volunteers who visit their campus repeatedly.  More importantly, this system tracks and compares names of all Registered Sexual Offenders (RSO) in the United States and alerts law enforcement and district/campus administration when and if an RSO attempts to enter the building.

The Raptor System has been in place at Wylie High School, Burnett Junior High and Groves Elementary School throughout the fall and will take effect on all other Wylie ISD campuses as soon as installation is complete.

Please be aware that after November 2011 anyone visiting a Wylie ISD campus will be required to show a valid ID to the designated person in the office.  

“This is just one more tool to help reassure our parents, students and staff that Wylie campuses are as safe as possible,” said Wylie ISD Superintendent Dr. David Vinson.  “The Raptor system is designed to make sure we are not letting someone on our campuses who should not be there.”

State law allows public schools to require that all visitors present a picture identification card.  Upon entering any Wylie ISD campus a visitor will proceed to a registration desk in the front office.  A staff member will take the ID (usually a person’s driver’s license) and scan it into the Raptor system.  The ID is compared to the RSO database, along with any “private alert” information entered by campus administration (such as information pertaining to parental custodial issues).  Once completed, a visitor’s badge will be issued with the person’s name and photo, the date, the time, and the destination within the building for the visit.  Visitors without a valid driver’s license will be escorted to and from the desired location in the building.  When the visitor leaves the building, an entry will be made that the person has left the building.

The best form of photo I.D. is a driver’s license. It must be a photo I.D. to allow the name badge being printed to show that this is the person who came to the office and registered. Remember that the idea is to run them through the software that will connect to a database of registered sex offenders. For individuals that do not have a driver’s license, they can use photo I.D. obtained from the Texas Department of Transportation or a Mexican Consulate Card.


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