Life coach, author releases book of poetry to ‘Feed Your Soul’

A book release and signing party drew several friends, followers and poetry fans to Garland recently to celebrate the release of a new book by poet and life coach Flo Bowen.

Bowen’s new book of poetry, “Feed your Soul”  is available at, and includes 50 poems written to replenish and soothe hurting hearts.

” These words will fill you up with healing energy, lift your spirit and inspire you to see that there is a second or third dimension to the thought that causes you sorrow,” Bowen said.

Originally from VietNam, Bowen began writing at age 10, inspired by her grandfather’s passion for poetry and later from missing her home country. She also spent time in Paris, France before coming to Austin, Texas, where she now lives.

In 2007, Bowen’s adopted father battled cancer, profoundly affecting her life.

“I have gone through some upheavals in my personal life.  The world as I knew began to shatter; for the next few years, I went from feeling like a crawling caterpillar to a barely fluttering butterfly,” Bowen said. “From my growing pain, these poems were born; you may say that they are also my sibling butterflies.”

She added that she hopes readers will relate to her poems, experiencing them “as one would do on a roller coaster at an amusement park.”

“Feed Your Soul” includes poems about “love, life challenges, rain, soul searching, anger, grief, fire, hope, and the need to slow down.”

Here’s what some readers have said about her poems:
“Sunrise in Her Eyes” Kelly-Louisa Anderson: ‘I can honestly say, hand on heart, this is now one of my favorite poems of all time. I smiled, I cried. It really spoke to my heart. So beautiful. I’ve read it four times now, and I’m going to read it again. I’d love this printed and up in my house :)’

“The Power of Attraction” Melissa Wilimas:  ‘Amazing…absolutely amazing! Have a few tears in my eyes….and loved the maple leaf ending! I am so blessed to have met you on our journey.  I can’t stop reading this….truly amazing, powerful and so beautiful. Xoxo, Mel’

“Face in the Rain” Silvia Smith:  ‘Dearest Flo, I am at a loss of words to reflect how touching your poem is to me…’

Jeanne Angelos:  ‘That gave me goosebumps. It is wonderful.’

“Life is a Beach” Silvia Smith:  ‘Dearest Flo, I had chills going up and down my spine and skin for awhile after reading your poem.’

Cindy Yearsley:  ‘Flo, very nice!  :-))  Beautiful! I feel like I’m on a beach watching the waves come in and out, so peaceful.’

“The Butterfly” Lenny Cochrun: ‘That is beautiful Flo!  Thank you for letting your Inner Voice speak!’

“Swim to Detox” Beverly Garland:  ‘Your poem brought a smile to my heart. Thanks for sharing.’

“Chinese Walls”  Silvia Spitler:  ‘Flo, now I think this is your best poem ever…the other one I said was the best, is short to compare to this one. Is this some kind of catharsis for you? That’s what I do in some of my poems.’

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