What does it mean to be True Blue?

Businesses that achieve True Blue status deliver quality goods and exceptional service, while demonstrating a strong commitment to their employees and to the community.

Whether they are start-up companies, mid-sized businesses or corporate giants, True Blue Businesses adhere to high ethical standards. They are pro-active and engaged, fair-minded and responsive.

 Put simply, True Blue Businesses are companies that Dallas-Fort Worth can count on.

True Blue Businesses are approved based on information obtained through comprehensive interviews and research. The evaluation process involves input from management, employees, and customers to determine a company’s ability to consistently demonstrate the following:


…in day-to-day dealings with customers

Do they deliver what they promise? Are they truthful and fair?

Do they have their customers’ best interests at heart?

…in the marketing of their goods and services

Are they accurate and truthful in their marketing message?

…in the management of their employees

Do they strive for quick resolution to conflicts and grievances?

Are employees considered to be a valuable asset?

…in their interactions with the community

Are they good community partners?


…in resolving customer complaints

Are they quick, decisive, and fair?

…in handling employee matters

Are there open lines of communication?

Are problems resolved fairly and effectively?

…in adapting to changing market conditions

Do they recognize and react as needed?

Do they continually strive to add value to their products and services?


…toward customers

Are they friendly, helpful and courteous? Do they show appreciation for their customers?

…toward employees

Are they supportive and appreciative of their employees? Do they have an “attitude of gratitude” for their employees?

…toward the community

Does the business or its people support or participate in community service, outreach or related activities?   



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  1. David Alvey   November 30, 2011 1:20 PM at 1:20 PM

    Hawaiian Falls is a true blue business. Hawaiian Falls operates family-friendly waterparks in Garland, The Colony, Mansfield and Roanoke, Texas, and currently building a new park in Waco that will open Memorial Day weekend 2012.

    Their mission is to bring families closer together. Their waterparks are the venue where families can swim, splash, laugh and create lasting memories together. But we also want to have a lasting impact on the community in which we operate.

    Hawaiian Falls starts with its employees, which they call Ambassadors. Most of the employees are high school and college students just working a summer job. But Hawaiian Falls wants them to leave with more than a good tan and a pay check. They have weekly Connections meetings to reinforce positive character traits and teach them to be servant leaders.

    A servant leader emphasizes collaboration over competition. A servant leader humbles himself to put other’s needs before his/her own. A servant leader is a living example of integrity, kindness, and love. Jesus Christ exemplified servant leadership. We have half a dozen chaplains at each park to minister to our ambassadors throughout the day. Once per week there’s a voluntary meeting where a chaplain will talk about some of our core values.

    Every year, each park seeks out local families that have endured difficult times and otherwise might not have an opportunity to bring their family to our park. We call it our Summer Blessings program. We select 25 families from each community and treat them to a fun day at the waterpark. We give them free admission, set them up in a private cabana and provide food and drink all day. It’s just one of the ways we give back to the community.

    Hawaiian Falls also has held food drives to benefit local food banks. And we host special days at the parks for a wide range of groups, including wounded warriors; single parents; kids with special needs and even pet lovers. In fact, the last day of the season we open our Garland park so pet owners can swim with their dogs as a fundraiser for local animal shelters. We also partner with local churches and youth groups to host special events at our parks.

    David Alvey
    Aardvark Communications
    Cell 214.394.0076

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