‘Little Women’ at Rockwall Community Playhouse

The cast and crew of the Rockwall Community Playhouse’s production of Little Women, based on the beloved book by Louisa May Alcott, have been hard at work since December.

Little Women on stage at Rockwall Community Playhouse
(From left) Sue Crenshaw as Hannah; Anne-Marie Thacker as Amy; and Brook Feldman as Brook. Photo submitted by Mary Thacker.

The stage is set—literally—for the performances that will begin the second weekend of February and will continue until the end of the month.

Jeff Medley is the genius behind the amazing set. He has raided antique stores and his own house to create the Victorian home of the Marches, including wall sconces and a working chandelier. Tommy Redfearn and Larry Stevenson were invaluable in the construction of the set which involved adding real stairs, trimwork, and a fireplace.

The family consists of Marmie (Mary Thacker), Mr. March (Jerry McCulley), Jo (Rachel Nicole Granville), Meg (Emily Rahm), Beth (Tori Carew), Amy (Anne-Marie Thacker), Hannah (Sue Crenshaw), and Aunt March (Shannon Souddress).

The Marches live next door to the Laurence men, Mr. Laurence (Marty Scott) and Laurie (Carlos Hernandez).

The story finds Marmie with her four daughters and faithful servant Hannah trying to survive in rather desperate circumstances. The family has been left almost penniless after a failed financial venture, and the father has gone off to war to act as a chaplain. The women are left behind to fend for themselves. Aunt March is their wealthy, yet stingy, relative who assists them when it pleases her. The Laurence men befriend the family and are helpful when Mr. March is injured in the war and Beth becomes ill with scarlet fever. There is a touch of romance, as well, when the Laurence tutor, Mr. Brook (Brook Feldman) falls in love with Meg.

Equally as beautiful as the set are the Victorian costumes, complete with hoop skirts and snoods.  Some of the period pieces are on loan from the Garland Civic Theatre; some are the property of RCP and have been altered by costumer Kate Skrabanek, and some have been hand-made by Jeff Medley.

Prop Master Tana Yater has secured all the necessary items to further enhance the production, including curling tongs, tea sets, and fine crystal.

Director Tony Carpenter has been the driving force behind the drama, coaching a cast whose youngest member is the tender age of thirteen and the older members who would prefer not to reveal their ages!

Tony and his assistant director, Jeff, have worked hard to research the Victorian era to ensure that their version of Little Women is accurate in every detail. Producer Joetta Currie has supervised the production, and Kathy P. Miller has acted as chief photographer.

The Rockwall Community Playhouse is located at 609 E. Rusk St. in Rockwall. There will be 9 performances available between Feb. 10-26.

For tickets and more information, visit rockwallcommunityplayhouse.org.

By Mary Thacker, who plays Marmie; edited for publication by Blue Ribbon News, all rights reserved.

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