Frisco boy starts nonprofit, sends North Texas kids to robotics camp

Robots 4 Everyone comes to McKinney Boys & Girls Club

August 09, 2012Robots 4 Everyone, an organization that sends at-risk kids and kids from low-income families to robotics camp, hosted its first camp at the Boys & Girls Club of Collin County, McKinney Branch, August 6-10.  What makes this unique is that the organization is completely run by Jackson Young, a 10-year old boy from Frisco.

“I remember what it was like when I wanted to go to robot camp, but my mom couldn’t afford it.  Eventually, I did get to go and it was so much fun and I thought to myself…robots should be for everyone,” he said. 

With that thought, Jackson founded Robots 4 Everyone, an organization that provides an escape route from poverty and boredom through imagination and robotics.  As “Chief Robot Ambassador,” Jackson got busy and  partnered with Robots-4-U to conduct the robotics camp. Robot camps can sometimes be too cost-prohibitive for some families, but Jackson raises money and resources through family, friends, local businesses, facebook and through his website to provide the camp completely free to the kids who will attend the camp, who are identified by the Boys & Girls Club.

Jackson wants this to be the first of many camps, so he stays busy with speaking engagements in the community to raise money for his organization.  S.T.E.M. camps (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are a lot of fun and use critical thinking skills, collaboration and creativity that kids will carry with them and use these skills throughout the rest of their lives.

Jackson is excited for the kids who have been selected to attend the robot camp.  “I know they will have a lot of fun, especially for the robot war on the last day of camp; that is the ultimate event at the camp because family and friends can come and see what you have built and cheer you on.  But my hope is that the kids attending the camp will see how much fun science, engineering and math can be,” Jackson said.

About Robots 4 Everyone

Robots 4 Everyone is an organization that raises money to send local North Texas children to robotics camp that have been identified as at-risk or from a low-income family.  For more information, email or call 972-352-0333.

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