Student accident insurance available for purchase

(Garland ISD) September 16, 2012 – What happens when a student requires serious medical attention at school? According to Texas law, Garland ISD is not responsible for any expenses incurred as the result of bodily injury or property damage while on campus.

“Broken limbs, cuts, and various sicknesses are the most common occurrences,” said GISD Risk Manager Alan Smith.  “Often we see kids playing and falling down, sometimes on playground equipment and other times during P.E. or recess. The State Legislature has actually made it illegal for the school to pay anything.”

Because the financial burden of student accidents falls on the parents, GISD offers two low-cost insurance policies for purchase. One covers accidents that happen during school hours, while the other covers children 24 hours a day. Both policies last from the time parents purchase them until the end of the school year, through summer school if necessary.

Coverage costs $22-29 for the in-school policy and $68-99 for the 24-hour policy. This is a one-time annual payment, and there are no deductibles to be met. In fact, Student Accident Insurance may help parents meet deductibles on their own health insurance.

To view the policy options and download an application, please visit GISD’s Risk Management website. For more information, call 972-494-8382.
Submitted by Tiffany Graber, Communications Specialist, Garland ISD.
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