In-Sync to host Exotic Animal Awareness Day

(Wylie) – October 19, 2012 will mark the one-year anniversary of the tragedy in Zanesville, Ohio where 49 exotic animals lost their lives. This massacre was not due to wanton killing by authorities; it was due to irresponsible ownership of exotic animals. In-Sync Exotics wants to ensure that these animals did not die in vain.

We take our responsibility as caretakers of exotic animals very seriously and were heartbroken as we watched the story in Ohio unfold. In remembrance of these animals, In-Sync is promoting October 19 as Exotic Animal Awareness Day. On that day, we will host a candlelight vigil for all captive exotic animals that have been lost. We welcome and encourage members of the community to attend the event.

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If you would like to show support for our efforts, please visit our facebook page ( and post on our wall, or post a comment on your own wall. That’s it – that’s all we ask. We are simply trying to raise awareness and do what we can to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again. Once people are aware of a problem, they talk about it. Once people start talking about the problem, they start talking about a solution. This is how real change happens. We want to get people talking.

In-Sync Exotics Wildlife Rescue and Education Center, located at 3430 Skyview Drive in Wylie, is dedicated to the rescue and care of abused, neglected, or unwanted exotic cats. There are now 60 exotic cats and one coatimundi calling In-Sync home. This includes three exceptionally rare white lions, a golden tabby tiger, three white tigers and two cheetahs.

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Submitted by Lisa Williams, In-Sync Exotics.

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