REEL REVIEWS: Pitch Perfect is ‘A-ca-mpelling!’


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(Comedy, PG-13. 112 minutes.)

My friends and I were rolling in the aisle and pumping our fists in the air during Pitch Perfect, a “Must See with All of My Girlfriends” kind of movie! I applaud Jason Moore’s feature film directorial debut.   Perfect Pitch is like Step Up with competitive a cappella singing competitions in place of dancing.  The film stars Anna Kendrick (Twilight), but it’s the quirky ensemble, funny lines and the a-ca-ceptional a cappella vocals make this film fun despite the film’s predictable clichés.

Moody, sullen wannabe music producer Beca (Anna Kendrick) arrives at college and is immediately serenaded by love interest Jessie, played by Skylar Astin (best known for his performance as Georg in the Tony Award-winning musical, Spring Awakening).  Beca is not impressed with him or any part of college life.  Her father makes her a deal that if she will join a group and tries college for a year, she can quit if she wants and he will help her move to LA for her music career.

Singing in the shower (Like all then angry girls I know), Bella is harassed (in the shower) by Chloe, played by Brittany Snow (Hairspray), to join the Bellas.  The Bellas is an elite a cappella group preparing for the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA).


Bella Leader Aubrey and a-ca-mean girl, played Anna Camp (The Help), and Snow are desperate for singers after a projectile vomiting fiasco by Camp caused them to lose the title the previous year.  Since recruits are down, the Bellas are forced to relax their normal Bikini-ready body requirements, and accept a band of misfits.

Scene stealer Fat Amy, played by Rebel (that’s her real name) Wilson (Bridesmaids), and Lilly, played by newcomer Hana Mae Lee (cracks us up in her film debut), are the most notable of the eccentric mix.  My favorite line in the movie is from Fat Amy after Bumper tells her he has a feeling they should kiss and she replies, “I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, hmmm, better not.”

It just so happens, Jessie joins the Treble Makers, an all-boy a cappella group, also competing in the ICCA.  A-ca-controlling leader Aubrey mandates the Treble Makers off limits and begins drill sergeant tactics to whip the Bellas into shape.

The Bellas and their competitors dazzle as they burn up the a cappella scene with their synchronized vocal bands.  As the teams advance to the finals, predictable conflicts abound as the Bellas compete against the Treble Makers.   Aubrey is determined to win the completion her way, but Beca wants to shake things up.  Beca doesn’t need anyone, including her “not my boyfriend” Jessie.

I don’t need to tell you how the movie ends.  It’s easy to guess the rest.  But, I can tell you that it was fun!  My friends and I were entertained (loved the Breakfast Club reference) and very amused (Fat Amy, Fat Amy, Fat Amy!).  Isn’t that what real people, not critics, want in a movie?

REEL REVIEWS, Movie Reviews for Real People is written by Blue Ribbon News special contributor Martha Caster Lloyd of Sachse. She is an avid movie go-er, artist, writer, and professional pet sitter. 


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