Williams MS students take 1st place UIL awards – again!

Students proudly show off their 1st Place trophies. Representatives of UIL team include (front row) Sophia Acosta, Lauren Hudson, Natalie Yarbrough, and Summer Fathke; (back row) Kyla Carlson, Sarah Prichard, Rylee James, and Mallory Cothran.

(ROCKWALL ISD-December 11, 2012) For the 8th year in a row, Williams Middle School placed 1st in 7th grade Overall, 1st in 8th grade Overall and 1st place in the UIL TEAMS competitions.

The WMS students that contributed to this accomplishment are:

Art:  7th grade – 1st Cody Orr, 2nd (tie) Skyler Dayoc & Miles Scott, and 5th Chase Howerton.  8th grade – 1st Dan Anh Ton,  2nd Angla Dang, 3rd Katherine Berger, and 4th Jensen King.

Calculator Applications:  7th grade – 1st Adaira Marlowe and 2nd  Hunter Honeycutt.  8th grade – 1st Jarrod Manning and 2nd (tie) Brandon Gan & Sloan Johnson.

Dictionary Skills:  7th grade – 4th Demarion Elder and 5th Sophia Acosta.  8th grade – 1st Sarah Graves and 6th John Redmond.

Editorial Writing:  7th Grade – 2nd Darby Davis and 5th Anmarice Rudolph.  8th Grade – 1st Alyssa Higdon and 3rd Sean Gregorio.

Impromptu Speaking:  7th grade – 1st Lauren Hudson,  2nd Riley James, and 3rd Anna Cory.  8th grade – 3rd Daniel Gibbs,  5th Jonathan Clem, and 6th Jared Signo.

Listening Skills:  7th grade – 2nd Johanna Pany, 4th Britany Ramirez, and 5th Adam Mathura.   8th grade – 1st Jonathan Kaiser, 3rd Hallie Coy, and 4th Sarah Prichard.

Maps, Graphs and Charts:  7th grade – 3rd Jonathan Little, 4th Ryan Figert, and 5th Nicholas Laudermilk.  8th grade – 1st Grant Miller, 2nd Campbell Kutac, and 3rd Isaac Wise.

Mathematics:  7th grade – 3rd Caleb Dodson, 5th Hunter Honeycutt, and 6th Jonathan Naylor.  8th grade – 1st Ester Kim, 2nd Brandon Gan, and 6th Cameron Lee.

Modern Oratory:  7th grade – 1st Ginger Stephenson, 3rd Anna Cory, and 6th Calista Ukeh.  8th grade – 2nd Abigail White, and 4th Levi Fisher.

Number Sense:  7th grade – 2nd Kevin DeMars,  4th Chi Tran, and 6th Quynh Pham.  8th grade – 1st Ester Kim, 2nd Brandon Gan, and 3rd Julia Kim.

Oral Reading:  7th grade – 1st Darby Davis and 3rd Amanda Ferguson.  8th grade – 2nd Lydia King, 4th Cameron Ballenger, and 5th Mallory Cothran.

Ready Writing:  7th grade – 1st Hallie Brouillette, 2nd Shelby White, and 4th Shelby Cauley.  8th grade – 4th Lauren Kimmell and 6th Nyna Berger.

Science:  7th grade – 2nd Sarah Wall, 3rd Jack Hittson-Smith, and 4th Amy Rester.  8th grade – 1st Abigail White, 3rd Tadd Whitfield, and 6th Caroline Slater.

Social Studies:  7th grade – 3rd Nicholas Laudermild, 4th Griffin Hass, and 5th Jonathan Little.  8th grade –  6th Hallie Coy.

Spelling:  7th grade – 2nd Johanna Pang and 3rd Amy Rester.  8th grade – 1st Sawyer Scott,  3rd Alex King, 4th Mikey De Guzman.  Other participants included 7th graders Natalie Yarborough, Kamlee Bushman, Kyla Carlson, Alyssa May, and 8th graders Adolfo Jutierez, Travis Bomkamp, Meridith Cooper, Sarah Duchak, Emily Vu, and Sloan Johnson.

Congratulations to all the students and teachers that made this another successful UIL year!

Submitted by Stacey Hatten, WMS.

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