Springtime brings wildlife foraging for food

(ROCKWALL-April 22, 2013) Spring time in Texas is a very beautiful time but there are dangers present during this time of the year.  As we begin to spend more time outside enjoying the weather and nature, please remember to be safe and use sound judgment.  A few simple reminders can protect us and our pets from the dangers that lurk during this time of the year.

For many families, photos of children in the bluebonnets are an annual tradition.  Please be careful when looking at an area for a photo-as much more than families are attracted to the wildflowers.  Please remember that snakes are just coming out of hibernation and are searching for food that lies beneath the wildflowers.  Please scan the area before placing your children in the flowers for your photo.  The snakes will vacate the area if they are aware an intruder is coming but they may strike if they are startled.

Rockwall has many species of wildlife within our city limits.  Sightings of bobcats, coyotes and fox are fairly common.  Within the last 12 months, there have also been sightings of mountain lions, alligators and a river otter.  Many of these animals occupied the area where houses have been built and their habitat has diminished.  They have been forced to live in smaller ecosystems and food sources can become scarce.  When their food sources are scarce, they will often expand their hunting grounds for food and that often includes residential neighborhoods.

As a precaution, always keep a close eye on small pets and children.  When walking in wooded areas, stay in a close group and keep aware of the area you are in.  If you spot an animal, do not go near it and go the other direction.  Always remember, these are WILD animals and you should not attempt to feed or touch one of these animals.  In most situations, the animals will flee from you first.  If there are multiple sightings of wildlife in a residential area, please contact the Animal Control Division of the City of Rockwall at (972) 771-7790.  Depending on the situation, the officers may attempt to trap the animal to have it relocated or work with the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife to determine the best course of action.

Please continue to enjoy what Mother Nature provides for us but please use caution at the same time.  For more information,contact Joey Boyd with the City of Rockwall at or by phone at (972) 772-6408.

By Joey Boyd, City of Rockwall.

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