UPDATE: Local Calendar Babe takes first at Okie Noodling Festival

Injured Rockwall noodler’s Bare Knuckle Team continues to win big

Lucy Millsap, 19, of Quinlan, Texas, holds her catfish during the 14th Annual Okie Noodling Tournamen. Photo by Sarah Phipps, The Oklahoman.

(Rockwall) June 24, 2013 – After making headlines for his record-setting catch at the Red River Noodling Shootout, “bare knuckle” fisherman Eddie Drake of Rockwall has one more reason to celebrate as he recovers from his injuries.

His noodling buddy, Jimmy Millsap with the Bare Knuckle Fishing Team, won second place with a 67.4-pound catfish in the natural division of the 14th Annual Okie Noodling Festival this past weekend. Jimmy’s daughter, 19-year-old Lucy Millsap of Quinlan, entered into the women’s division and won 1st place with 72.0 lbs. She also won over-all big fish with a payout of $1,500.

“That is the largest fish weighed in at the Okie Noodling tournament ever which has been running 14 years now. She is the first woman to win over-all big fish,” reported Jennifer Drake, Eddie Drake’s wife, when Blue Ribbon News contacted her today for an update on Eddie’s condition. “Lucy has been noodling since she was five years old. She was an “outlaw” noodler at night prior to Texas legalizing the sport in 2011.”

Jennifer also pointed out that Lucy is a featured model in the Bare Knuckle Babes Calendar, which Jennifer created two years to promote empowerment in women and young ladies.

“There ARE female noodlers, and they are making a splash!” Jennifer said. “One of our Bare Knuckle Babes also won the prestigious title of Okie Noodling Queen. Our Bare Knuckle family is elated!” she said.

To order or learn more about the Bare Knuckle Babes calendar, visit BareKunckleBabes.com.

Jennifer added that Eddie is recuperating at home with daily antibiotics and rehab, following a long hospital stay, ten stitches in his ankle and staff infection. He won the biggest cash prize ever awarded after snagging an 81.25 monster catfish at the Red River Noodling Shootout in Oklahoma.

If you didn’t “catch” Blue Ribbon News’ initial coverage of Eddie’s injury and victory, READ THE STORY HERE. 


Rockwall fisherman recovers after wrangling prize-winning catfish





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