Reader, advertiser feedback makes our day

Dawn Redig, Editor

(August 25, 2013) We receive hundreds of emails, Facebook messages and tweets every week, filled with good news and comments from our local community. I do my best to personally respond to each one. Without your stories, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our mission – that is, to shine the spotlight on people, places and events that impact our community in a positive way, so that more “good” will follow.

Some of my favorite messages are those we receive after an article has been published. Like the unexpected note from a reader explaining how a story we ran three months ago changed his life. Or a tweet from an animal rescue group that another Blue Ribbon News Pet of the Week has been adopted. Or a hand-drawn picture from a child, expressing gratitude for helping her raise awareness about the disease that took her sibling’s life. Wow.

Recently I was tagged in a Facebook photo of our print edition; the comment read: “I’m eating dinner and on the counter is this paper – and for the first time in a long time I’m impressed. The layout is great – it actually has good content.” Another reader took time to thank us for “an exceptional newspaper” with “an equally impressive panel of contributors.” We are so appreciative of this feedback and humbled by the support.

Then there was this note from a business owner: “Blue Ribbon News has been the best advertising we have done in three years.” (Now that makes my day, because happy advertisers mean we can continue to bring you good news!)

Messages like these touch my heart and inspire me to action. I only wish I could accomplish a fraction of the “good” that we witness people in this community doing every day…

Here’s a shout-out to 12-year-old Caleb Davis, who was featured along with his sister Chloe in our March edition for their pet-sitting business, Paws & Claws. He emailed last month to say he was working toward his Communications Merit Badge in Boy Scouts. “I’d like to talk about how great your newspaper is,” he wrote.

Well, Caleb, we’d like to talk about you and Troop 83, and all the great things the Scouts are doing – so we’re featuring your story in our latest print edition, which will be delivered free to more than 16,200 mailboxes throughout Rockwall and Heath this week. (You can also view the Scout story online here). Congrats, Caleb, on earning your Communications Badge and for advancing to Star rank!


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