Rockwall watering schedule is once every two weeks as needed

ROCKWALL (November 11, 2013) Due to continued drought conditions, a once every two week watering schedule went into effect on November 1st.  The City of Rockwall is among those served by the North Texas Municipal Water District which is under mandatory water restrictions due to low lake levels. The goal is to reduce water consumption throughout the city by 10%. Meeting this goal is imperative to prevent further restrictions that would prohibit any outdoor watering.


  • Limit landscape watering with sprinklers or irrigation systems between November 1 and March 31 to once every two weeks, if needed.
  • Prohibit using water in such a manner as to allow runoff or other waste.
  • Foundations, new landscaping, new plantings (first year shrubs and trees) may be watered for up to two hours on any day by a hand-held hose, a soaker hose, or a dedicated zone using a drip irrigation system.
  • ET/Smart irrigation systems and drip irrigation systems must also comply with the once every two weeks watering schedule.
  • Exception — Locations using other sources of water supply for irrigation may irrigate without restrictions.