Breakfast manager’s sunny-side-up attitude spills over to customers, employees

Doing business right

Herbert Dotson

ROCKWALL, TX (March 22, 2014) There are people who are blessed with the gift of hospitality. They have the unique ability to make strangers feel welcome; they generate feelings of warmth, comfort and home.

Finding one of these individuals is like finding a precious gem on a pathway of stones.  You find yourself gravitating to them because they make you feel special and appreciated. Their smiles are infectious and their zest for life lifts your spirit.

You can find one of these gems at the Grandy’s on I-30 in Rockwall. Herbert Dotson, Breakfast Manager, epitomizes the spirit of hospitality. Walking in the door, you are welcomed with the smell of fresh baked bread and before your senses can recover from that pleasure, Herbert greets you with a smile.

Herbert grew up in Oklahoma City and at 17 his first job was working in a local restaurant. He knew early in life that restaurant management was what he was born to do.  He loves to cook but he loves meeting and greeting people more than any other aspect of his job. Smiling faces are what motivates him; he enjoys making people happy. He knows that if you treat people right and give them good service they come back. He doesn’t always remember names but he remembers faces and he appreciates all his customers.

While he was growing up, Herbert’s mother worked at a day care center. He recalled going after school to wash the dishes and clean up. Herbert learned his people skills from his mother, Edna. She too has a wonderful way with people and especially with children.  Herbert has great admiration and love for his mother. She lives inOklahoma Cityand calls him every day.

Herbert believes he is an asset to his employer because of his dependability and responsibility to his position. Herbert arrives at the restaurant every morning, while most of us are still snuggled in our beds, and begins preparations for breakfast and lunch. He enjoys working with his co-workers and strives to brighten their work hours with laughter. He understands that enjoying your work environment makes everyone’s job easier and that your attitude spills over to the customers.

Herbert’s been married 17 years to the love of his life, Norma, and they live in Royse City. When Herbert’s not working at Grandy’s, he enjoys cooking for family and friends. He and Norma are also very active at New Hope Baptist Church where they both sing in the Choir.


This article introduces a new series by Blue Ribbon News special contributor Rhonda Wright of Rockwall, who shines the spotlight on local employees who go the extra mile.



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