Rockwall is primed for pooch smooching

Some members of Boy Scout Troop 989 try out their freshly-built kissing booth. Others aren’t so sure they like the idea. From left: Jason Trahan, Logan Green, Chase Peters, Hayden Kinslow, Nick Russo and Cade Edwards.

ROCKWALL, TX (April 11, 2014) Spring is in the air. The warm weather has rekindled the flame in the collective hearts of Rockwall. Lovers walk hand-in-hand through tree-shaded parks. Tulips bloom in freshly tended gardens. Couples enjoy a romantic sunset dinner on the shores of Lake Ray Hubbard. 

And with all that romance blossoming across town, Rockwall is poised to become the Kissing Capital of America. But not your every day run-of-the-mill puckered-lips kissing. This is about sloppy wet smooching, because we’re talking about pooch smooching. 

The dogs of Rockwall Pets are ready to start kissing their way across town with the debut of the organization’s new Dog Kissing Booth. Sponsored by The Dog House and built by Boy Scout Troop 989, the booth has already attracted pooch smoochers from across the area. 

Nick Russo, left, and Jason Trahan paint the Kissing Booth. Photo by Jennifer Peters.

When they began construction on the booth, the Scouts felt little in the way of romance. The building phase was a noisy flurry of sawing, flying wood chips and splashing globs of gooey paint. But like any scouting project, the team rallied to produce a very professional product.

Then came the hard part. Since Rockwall Pets saves the lives of doomed pets from area shelters, no one can predict which set of dogs will be on hand to do the smooching. Sure enough, some of the very large dogs – and a few of the tiny dogs – wanted nothing to do with the kissing concept. 

Kodah has been in training to be a star pooch smoocher. Photo by Anne Haddox.

But some happy medium-sized dogs put up their paws to eagerly volunteer for smooching duty. They’re happy to kiss and lick and slurp any face that comes within reach. 

Now that spring has arrived, are you ready for some love? Look for the Dog Kissing Booth as it makes it way across Rockwall this spring. You may get a kiss or you may get a slurp. You may even fall in love. But it’s all for a good cause. And you get to put your lips to good use in the drive to make Rockwall the Kissing Capital of America. 

By Michael Kitkoski, Rockwall Pets.

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