Rockwall ISD honors Diversity Leadership Award winners

2014 Diversity Leadership Award winners are Rosa Lopez and Delia Summy, APOYO Community Group Leaders from Cain Middle School; Cynthia Johnson, Cullins Elementary English as a Second Language teacher; and Enid Reyes (pictured below), Director of Community Ministries and Minister at LakePointe Church, and long-standing partner with RISD.

ROCKWALL, TX (April 9, 2014) Rockwall ISD’s Diversity and Ethics Committee recently announced its 2014 Diversity Leadership Award winners during the March 17th Board of Trustees meeting. 

The Diversity Leaders Awards seek to recognize leaders in the district who have fostered the improvement of relations and understanding between individuals, races, cultures, ethnicities and religions during the school year. 

Springer Elementary Principal Dr. Brad Helmer presents Enid Reyes with her Diversity Award. Enid was not able to attend the March 17th awards presentation due to a medical emergency.

“For the last two years, the Rockwall ISD has had a process in place to recognize either staff members, students or community members who partner with the district to help celebrate diversity in our community and schools. Each campus can nominate a person from one of those three categories, and through our district selection process, we name the district-wide recipients of the Diversity Leadership Award,” explained Sara Bonser, RISD Chief Administrative Officer. 

This year, the recipients are: Rosa Lopez and Delia Summy, APOYO Community Group Leaders from Cain Middle School; Cynthia Johnson, Cullins Elementary English as a Second Language teacher; and Enid Reyes, Director of Community Ministries and Minister at LakePointe Church. 

APOYO, which translates to “learn about, obtain, and use our community resources,” was founded with the mission to improve Hispanic involvement within the community. Led by Delia Summy and created by Rosa Lopez, APOYO helps create a bridge between the school and Spanish-speaking homes. The group meets monthly to help families support their students at school, communicate with teachers and administrators, and have their voices and ideas heard as they help support the school. The unity this group has fostered at Cain and throughout other schools within Rockwall ISD has strengthened families and our community. 

Cullins ESL teacher Cynthia Johnson works with families who speak 14 different languages. She shows respect and admiration for each culture in her interactions with students and parents. Johnson has designed a culture fair in which students have the opportunity to share about their culture with a live audience. She serves on the Campus Improvement Committee and is the Concilio campus coordinator. Concilio is a nine-week parent education series brings parents together to learn and strengthen the relationship between school and home. 

Springer Elementary nominated Enid Reyes for her long-standing commitment to the families and students in need within our community. Reyes helps provide resources and oversees the after-school academic program for the community center at Lake Rockwall Estates. In addition, Reyes promotes family education nights at the schools and is a liaison between the school and our Hispanic community. Through her ongoing efforts, Reyes supports families in the Springer, Jones, Pullen, Shannon, Rochell, Cain and RHHS communities. She is a tireless servant leader and an asset to the community. 

The following people were each campus nominees for the district award: 

Veronica Leal, Fourth Grade Bilingual Teacher nominated by Amanda Rochell Elementary; Jan Stonestreet, Choir Teacher nominated by Amy Parks-Heath Elementary; Claudia Rogers, PTA President nominated by Celia Hays Elementary; Cynthia Johnson, ESL Teacher nominated by Doris Cullins LakePointe Elementary; Gloria Marquez,  ESL Instructional Support nominated by Doris Jones Elementary; Debbie Thompson, ESL Teacher nominated by Dorothy-Smith Pullen Elementary; Rhonda Salinas, ESL Teacher nominated by Grace Hartman Elementary; Denise Hammond, Fifth Grade Teacher nominated by Howard Dobbs Elementary; Leila Gibson, Sixth Grade Social Studies Teacher nominated by Nebbie Williams Elementary; Enid Reyes, LakePointe Church nominated by Ouida Springer Elementary;  Shanon Thomas, Community Member nominated by Sharon Shannon Elementary;  Melissa Stoddart, Sixth Grade Teacher nominated by Virginia Reinhardt Elementary; Amy Clayton, ESL Teacher nominated by Utley Middle School; Delia Summy and Rosa Lopez, APOYO Community Group Leaders nominated by Cain Middle School; Marvalee Barrett, Special Education Teacher nominated by Williams Middle School; Teddi Cherry, Lead Counselor nominated by Rockwall High School; Sabrina Vollmer, Student Council Leader nominated by Rockwall Heath High School.; edited for publication by Dawn Redig, Blue Ribbon News.

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