Local pianist finds the world as his stage

Free concert set for Nov. 9

ROCKWALL, TX (October 25, 2014) James Michael Williams, a music graduate from A&M Commerce, finds himself as much at home in his private teaching studio in Rockwall as he does on the international concert stage in Europe.

Returning from his latest international festival in Spain, Williams continues to impart his passion for music to his private students while finding opportunities to share his talent through local concerts. His next concert will be at 3 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 9 at the First Presbyterian Church, 602 White Hills Drive in Rockwall. The concert is free and open to the public.

Williams gives his mother credit for identifying his prodigy-like gift of music when he was but four years old. He found that he excelled at sports much like he excelled at music.

“I tried quitting music numerous times as a youth,” Williams said. “In retrospect I realize that music really helped my learning processes as the discipline of practicing the piano was applied to other areas of my life.”

When asked what advice Williams would give students and parents who are passionate about music, he replied, “I was blessed because my parents refused to allow me the opportunity to quit at anything. My parents didn’t support failure. They were not mean about it; however, they were unwavering in their conviction that I learn meaning of commitment. In the midst of difficulty was no time to consider giving up. Their philosophy was this…I had a gift, and I would develop that gift until I became an adult. Then I was free to make a decision about whether or not it was something I wanted to pursue as a career. Had I been allowed to quit when the journey became hard, I would have lost my only chance to do what I truly loved.”

Williams’ gift to his community on Nov. 9 is the following piano repertoire: Les collines d’ Anacapi  and General Lavine – excentric by Claude Debussy; Sonata in C minor K. 457 by W.A. Mozart; Vallee d’ Obermann by Franz Liszt and Faschingsschwank aus Wein, Op 26 Allegro by Robert Schumann. Joining Mr. Williams at the concert will be internationally recognized violinist, Hubert Pralitz.

Both James Williams and Hubert Pralitz are part of the teaching faculty at the Rockwall School of Music. To learn more about them and their teaching availability visit RockwallMusic.com.

Submitted by Russ Porter, Director, Rockwall School of Music. 

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