Wylie’s Smith Library presents Ghost Hunting Program

Who Ya Gonna Call?

WYLIE, TX (October 1, 2014)  In the “spirit” of the upcoming season of haunting, Wylie’s Smith Library presents Ghost Hunting with The Dallas Area Paranormal Society Oct. 9 at 6:30 pm.

DAPS is a nonprofit organization founded to investigate reports of unexplained, paranormal activity throughout the DFW Metroplex and beyond. The DAPS team will describe their experiences, including a demonstration of the equipment they use to record Electronic Voice Phenomena.

In an EVP session, an investigator asks a series of questions while recording audio, being silent between questions to record vocal sound not necessarily heard by human ears and that doesn’t have an immediately known source.

Although they have examples of ghostly occurrences, such as the restaurant owners who found fresh-brewed coffee waiting for them and saw a fry basket levitating and a ghostly bride at the window … an inn near San Antonio whose guests report a man standing at the foot of a bed, a “creepy-looking” figure peering into a second-story window and dolls that appear to be rearranged … and a former rehabilitation center whose visitors report organ music and the spirit of a nun who does not like “men with tattoos,” they are quick to say they don’t seek out ghosts.

“Our mission is to, first and foremost, assist and educate clients who are experiencing paranormal phenomenon by providing rational explanations or validation by means of hard data about the occurrences,” said Tonya Hartline, DAPS CEO and case manager.

This program is best suited to teens and adults; all library programs are free. The Smith Public Library is located at 300 Country Club Rd., Building 300, in Wylie.

For more about this or other library programs, call 972-516-6250.

For more about the DAPS, visit dallasghost.org.

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