“Pride Patrol” honors an outstanding Hartman Eagle

HEATH, TX. (February 26, 2015) On Friday, February 20, 2015 members of the Heath Student Council Pride Patrol “flew” across the district to land at the doors of Grace Hartman Elementary. They joined forces with Hartman administrators Becky Reidling and Jane Bruning to sneakily surprise Kindergarten “Teacher Rock Star” Deedra Mann.

“It was my first time to be a part of Pride Patrol, and it was fun to be able to go and award someone for their hard work and dedication,” Freshman Cassidy Wells said.

The nomination, submitted by Hartman Principal Becky Reidling, reads as follows:

I hear from many happy parents throughout the year about how Ms. Mann is a true teacher ROCK STAR! She takes each child where they are and embraces each one for their unique talents. Her classroom is a cohesive team where children are cheered on by their peers when they reach a personal goal. She attends sporting events on the weekends to support her students, regularly works late into the night in her kindergarten room and gives in many other ways to the children in her care. Ms. Mann has high expectations for each child and they rise to the challenges she provides them. She is a gifted writing teacher. You would be amazed at the stories her students are able to write as kindergarteners! I am so proud to have Ms. Mann at Hartman Elementary.

Ms. Mann jumped in surprise as the group entered with applause and cheers. Her young students looked on, wide-eyed and smiling, as their teacher received the much-deserved praise and recognition. Her team members also made their way into the room to help spotlight their friend and colleague.

“It made me feel amazing to honor Ms. Mann for something she truly deserved,” Junior Sage Wells said.

“It was a great way to start my morning and honor a wonderful leader of the community,”Junior Carly Brown said.

“Ms. Deedra Mann was surprised today with a visit from the RHHS Pride Patrol.  Ms. Mann was nominated for this honor because of her unwavering commitment to provide a strong academic foundation for the students in her class.  We were thrilled to see Ms. Mann honored with this special recognition of her dedicated service.  Her kindergarteners were also very excited with the experience.  One student yelled out, ‘She’s the best teacher ever!’  Ms. Mann can be found in room 120 late into the night planning for her kindergarten class.  She does all this without expecting any recognition, but because she loves her students and her job.  Kindergarten is her passion. Thank you to the Rockwall-Heath High School Pride Patrol for honoring Deedra Mann,” Principal Becky Reidling and Assistant Principal Jane Bruning said.

“Pride Patrol has been such a fun way to recognize deserving teachers in their environments and in such surprising ways. I love to see how much it makes their day!” Junior Britton Swanson said.

“I just have to say that I was pretty much blown away this morning. I had no idea what was coming through the door nor why they were coming. I am honored to work with Mrs. Reidling, Mrs. Bruning and my awesome teammates, Kristin Cox & Jennifer Scamperino, as well as every single teacher who makes up Hartman Elementary and all of RISD. It is so nice for people to notice that ordinary people like me, doing an ordinary job like teaching kindergarten, can be recognized in such an extraordinary way. RISD is made up of hundreds of teachers who give their all each and everyday in many different ways and I applaud every single one and hope that they know their work DOES NOT go unnoticed and that they are appreciated. Thank you ladies for making me feel that way today! I am blessed!” Ms. Mann said.

The Pride Patrol has received additional nominations, looks forward to receiving more, and will continue to make campus visits to honor more outstanding individuals throughout the district.

Article Written and Photo By: Leah Voth

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