Eagle Scout project challenges mountain bikers at Squabble Creek Trail

ROCKWALL, TX (March 20, 2015) Austin Cory, 18, of Troop 690 recently completed his Eagle Scout Project – a 55-foot-long mountain bike obstacle course at Squabble Creek Trail in Rockwall which has positively turned into an exciting challenge for local mountain bikers frequenting the area.

Austin, who attends Rockwall High School, worked together with his father, Clayton Cory, and 21 other members of the local community to build the course consisting of three Chinese Rainbow Bridges and a berm turn, all built out of 325 boards (181 tread boards, 120 support boards and 24 posts). It took approximately 315 hours to plan and build. The course was completed in late January.

Austin said the course is actually quite challenging and that several riders who’ve tried it have had a blast trying to get through it.

“I talked to the trail steward the other day and he said it’s turned out to be a huge challenge and that a lot of people have fallen off of it,”Austinsaid. “But he said that they love it and that they just keep getting up and trying it again.”

Austin said he enjoyed getting to spend time working alongside his dad and that the project helped him gain more experience in construction, an area he’s interested in studying post high school. He’ll receive his Eagle Scout rank shortly after going through a board of review.

Squabble Creek Trail is located at2201 North Lakeshore Driveand all are invited to come view (and if they’re brave enough, to attempt) the masterpiece.

Boy Scout Troop 690 meets at 7 p.m. every Monday at First Presbyterian Church Rockwall,620 White Hills Drive. For more info, visit troop690rockwall.com.

By Austin Wells, Blue Ribbon News reporter.

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