Heath author publishes fourth novel

(HEATH, TX – July 28, 2015) Carolyn Roosth of Heath has just published her fourth novel, DESPAIR.

DESPAIR is the story of Nola Santiago, a character from the author’s first novel, DENIAL. Like so many young people, Nola longs for a life different from the one she has in the small Mexican village of Boquillas del Carmen. Her childhood is stolen by the loss of her father and the unsavory stranger who comes to take his place. Nola is soon forced by tragedy to hastily escape from her hometown and begin her journey to the new life she envisions in theUnited States. Along the way, Nola is tested by new dangers, loss, and death, which threaten to fill her with despair and hopelessness. She must try to offset her negative feelings with the comfort and new resolve she finds in friendships, love, and memories of happier times if she is to arrive at a place of safety and achieve the success she desires.

Other novels by this author are DENIAL, ANGER, and PROMISES.

DENIAL is set in a small-town middle school. Still reeling from the tragic death of her husband, Jan Gooodnight assumes her new role as principal of a middle school in a small Texas town. She must cope with the resistance of faculty and students to her new policies and with a series of mysterious events. It all starts with a mouse in a box of donuts. When kids start to get hurt, Jan turns to a pair of local detectives for help. Enter Jordan Perry, a reporter in search of a juicy story. He steps not only into the investigation but also into a relationship with Jan. Amid a whirlwind of escalating dangers, parents’ complaints, students’ antics, and a ominous’s threats, Jan and her team race to connect the clues before it’s too late.

ANGER explores the growing-up years of Richard Oliver Champion, a central character from Denial. Richard is the child conceived during the lovefest known as Woodstock. Though his young parents, Ollie and Becky, pursue their dreams, life is not kind to them, and they are unable to keep the magic of their young love alive. Richard grows up as an only child with his possessive and loving mother. Though he’s never known his father, he yearns to know what he was like and why he had left. The information Richard pieces together from others paints a picture of Ollie that is both contradictory and incomplete. As others seemingly desert him, Richard struggles with his identity and the unintended repercussions that follow him during college and into his first job. He leans on the advice and love of three surrogate father figures who help him navigate toward a more sane and hopeful future.

PROMISES is the story of Helen Johnston, also a character from DENIAL. Helen believes that if she’d been born as anything other than a black girl in the south, she would have been a mockingbird. Helen and her two sisters are children of parents who’ve spent their lives farming cotton. When the cotton industry changes, the family seeks a new start in the city. Life lessons from school and home revolve around honesty, dependability, and education. Helen is also inspired by her mother’s childhood stories. Facing tragedies and desertions, Helen makes promises to help her cope with reality. Family and friends are strong and positive influences in helping her regain control. Her singing and music abilities

Carolyn Roosth

become an important bridge toward accomplishing her goals.

E-book formats are available from Smashwords.com or from your favorite e-book store, including Amazon.com. Print versions are available on CreateSpace.com and on Amazon.com.

Carolyn grew up on a farm outside a small town in East Texas. She graduated from the University of Houston with a BA in English and Speech and completed her Master’s of Education degree at the University of Texas in Tyler, Texas. She taught school for twenty-two years, spending time in elementary, middle school, high school, and university levels.
An avid reader, Carolyn believes that reading is a wonderful educational doorway to the world. Having spent so much of her life in learning, reading, and teaching, she is pleased to have found her way into the domain of writing.

Submitted by Carolyn Roosth.

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