Addie Bryan raises thousands for hospital that helped her walk

(DALLAS, TX – August 12, 2015) Addison Bryan of Rockwall made a pretty big wish for her eighth birthday, and today that wish came true. In fact, her goal of raising $8,000 to give back to the hospital that helped her walk was realized nearly ten-fold, as she was able to present nearly $70,000 to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children in Dallas.

Addie, who was born with Larsen syndrome – a disorder that resulted in a club foot and her knees facing backward – has been a patient at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital since birth. This summer, she stood on the corner of her Shores neighborhood for days on end, requesting donations so she could give back to the hospital. Her efforts, along with a  fundraising event at Cotton Patch Cafe in Rockwall, raised $19,500.

On Wednesday afternoon, Addie presented her $19,500 donation to Scottish Rite President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Walker. That check was actually discarded and followed by another check totaling $69,570. Vice President of Development Stephanie Brigger explained that the total amount was made possible by a last minute anonymous donation of $50,000 by a couple who saw media coverage of Addie’s efforts.

Addie’s father Jeff Bryan said he was blown away by the generosity.

“That’s extremely overwhelming, to see someone was so inspired by Addie to make a donation like that,” Bryan said. “There are no words for that.”

Addie’s lifelong doctor and surgeon Dr. Karl Rathjen stood alongside her as she presented the check.

“I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing her since she was an infant,” Rathjen said. “She is an extraordinary young lady.”

Due to her consistent volunteering at Scottish Rite, Walker and Brigger were already familiar with Addie and referenced the $4,200 she raised on her birthday last year. Brigger said she was very impressed with Addie’s dedication.

“Her determination is incredible: the fact that she hates the heat and stands out there every day,” Brigger said. “When a patient family gives back to the hospital it means so much to us. They believe in our mission and what we do. We are building the next generation of philanthropists.”

Addie’s father said he was extremely proud of his daughter’s efforts to make a difference and the help she will be providing to the hospital.

“Everyone involved in our community has stepped up to help Addie reach her dream. To be here and see her accomplish what she wanted to do, I’m a very proud father today,” Bryan said.

Addie said she worked so hard because she “wanted to help out all the kids.”

As for what’s coming next in Addie’s life, she says she’s just looking forward to her birthday party in a few days and starting second grade in the fall.

Story and check presentation photos by Julie Anne White, Blue Ribbon News reporter. Editor Dawn Redig contributed to this story. Other photos courtesy of the Bryan family.


Rockwall girl’s birthday wish is to give back to Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children