Why I Love Summer in Rockwall

(ROCKWALL, TX – May 30, 2016) Although it’s been a stormy spring in the Rockwall area, local businesses and local families are busy planning for summer.  Needless to say, it’s got me thinking about how much I love the summer! I love the sunshine, the long days, and even the Texas heat.  I love the chance to unwind from the stress of the year.  I love going on adventures!  Summer’s the perfect time for water sports, hiking, triathlons, and lots of other outdoor activities.  It’s is also a great time to explore something new, such as learning to play a musical instrument.  In fact, you may be surprised to discover a life-long passion!

My wife and I chose Rockwall for our music school because we think it is important to be a part of a community that values and celebrates music.  Last year the city of Rockwall marked its 161st birthday and it continues to be one of the fastest growing cities in Texas.  In 2015, the city offered more than 100 live music events, including the San Jacinto Plaza Music Series and the Concerts by the Lake Series at the Harbor. Our Rockwall area public and private schools do a fantastic job of fostering our young musicians through orchestra, band, choir, and theatre programs.  Schools and other folks such as Rockwall Summer Musicals and the Rockwall Community Playhouse offer wonderful performances of local musicians and actors for audiences like us to hear and enjoy.  In Rockwall, music can be a vibrant and ever-changing experience for beginner and advanced players alike.

Summer can be the perfect time to take a leap into the great unknown.  If you’re ready to make that leap, I can help!  It’s my goal to be a conduit to a variety of musical opportunities for our local musicians. I encourage you to join other Rockwall residents this summer and learn to play a new instrument, double-down on your current endeavors, or connect with other musicians in the area and organize a band or ensemble group.  Learn something new alongside your children and you may discover that their interests become your interests!

Recently my own personal passion for music led me to organize a local children’s choir and to learn to play the cello.  Taking cello lessons as an adult has been an amazing way for me to develop more discipline, and I admit I have had some hurdles to overcome.  But it has also been a pure joy, and I have discovered how much I enjoy playing my cello every day.  In addition, I have the pleasure of playing each week with a small group of beginner string students at RSM who inspire and encourage each other.  With the knowledgeable guidance of cello instructor Adam Eason, we get to make beautiful music together.

If you think that being a part of our community of musicians could benefit you, I’d love to connect you with other like-minded people who can help you fulfill your musical goals this summer.  Give me a call anytime.

Serving you with integrity and gratitude,

Russ Porter, Ambassador for the Arts, and Director of Rockwall School of Music, 749 Justin Rd, Rockwall, TX 75087, 972-722-6874 rockwallmusic.com

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