Summer Matters: Enrichment classes not only keep kids learning, they can save lives

(ROCKWALL, TX – June 18, 2016) Summer is here and kids are excited! Their summer plans include visits to the park, swimming, video games, hanging out with friends, riding bikes through the neighborhood, shopping and a whole list of other activities. Those are necessary diversions from busy school calendars but sometimes parents want to include enriching experiences in their summer plans.

If you follow Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Rockwall on social media or venture around our website you will notice an emphasis on education. At Texas Health Rockwall we not only believe in being there to care for you when you need us, but we also care about preventing illness and keeping you and your family safe. To do so we focus on a strong community education program – that also happens to be fun!

Hospitals frequently offer a range of traditional classes on childbirth, diabetes education and similar awareness programs. However, there is more that benefits our younger population! Last year, our devoted community educator, Karen Casey, P-EMT, set out to offer classes aimed at elementary ages and teenagers. Several classes now reach different needs of these ages and provide greater confidence, skills and life-saving tools to each.

Babysitting 101 

Babysitting 101 is offered to anyone between the ages of 11 and 16 who want to increase their skills to become a great babysitter. All students will receive a certification upon course completion as well as a CPR/First Aid certification card. If your child is considering or has been babysitting, what a great way to help market their services – by giving parents added reassurance.

Safe Kids 101 

We are thankful to live in a safe community, but turning on the news reminds us that the world is different now. Safe Kids 101 provides additional tools for students, nine years old and up, on safety tips at home or away. Stranger danger, internet safety, awareness of their surroundings, fire safety, 911, basic first aid, and much more is covered during the course. If your child will spend time at home alone or is beginning to meet friends at the mall or movies, this class is a must. 

CPR/First Aid 

Summer is a great time to learn a life-saving skill such as CPR. Our American Heart Association CPR/First Aid class offers infant, child and adult CPR as well as choking for the responsive and unresponsive victim. This class also includes basic first aid and AED instruction. This class is offered to anyone at least 16 years of age and is also available to home school groups and other organizations. Anyone at any age may experience or be present during an emergency, so the importance of CPR training is significant.

To learn more about these classes, visit our website at and review the listings under Classes & Events. You can sign up online or email our community educator for more details about arranging group classes. Texas Health Rockwall wants to be your source for healthy living at all ages, so if you have ideas, suggestions or questions, please let us know.

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