Rockwall: It’s Just Better Here

Photo by Darren Schnabel with Elevare Aerial Media

(ROCKWALL, TX – Sept. 23, 2016) A glance at its progressive infrastructure and intrinsic land planning reveals why the charming city of Rockwall, Texas has fast become a land of economic growth and opportunity.

This is due in part to the city’s distinct design plan, which highlights Rockwall’s unique amenities, such as Lake Ray Hubbard, the Harbor District, and beautifully preserved historical downtown spaces that are walkable and thriving.

There is much thought, work and strategic planning that goes into preserving the quaint hometown feel while experiencing historic commercial and residential growth. The driving force behind Rockwall‘s industrial economic growth is the Rockwall Economic Development Corporation, which works tirelessly to attract corporate relocations, as well as retain and expand existing businesses.

Sheri Franza, Rockwall EDC President

“Rockwall is home,” said Sheri Franza, a 40 year resident of the community who has served as president and CEO for the REDC for the past 10 years. “It is paramount for me to work on behalf of the residents and community shareholders in our great city to carefully blend and pursue corporate businesses which will complement and enhance our growing economy. Searching for the right industries is essential to keeping Rockwall the community we all want to live in.  Planning and balancing community growth and corporate development help create a lower tax base for Rockwall homeowners, creates jobs for Rockwall residents, and maintains an exceptional quality of life. These are just a few reasons why it’s just better here.”

Ryan Miller, Director of Planning and Zoning for the city, says that although the city is currently experiencing a tremendous time of growth, Rockwall is still relatively underdeveloped.  As a result, the city has many acres of residential, retail, and industrial land currently shovel-ready and available to build on.

“Though the city’s unique lifestyle, highly rated schools, and beautiful housing brings new families into the north side of the city, the south side is in early stages of growth,” says Miller. “Rockwall’s Harbor District has several condominium projects that are soon to enter development. These modern units will be best suited for young professionals and empty nesters, and will incorporate lakeside views within a pedestrian district to offer a truly complementary and enjoyable living experience.”

Alternatively, unused industrial land space will not go to waste, and is being preserved for future commercial development through the REDC.

As the REDC celebrates 20 years of ‘Building Rockwall’, the organization has never been stronger.  The stated mission to ‘broaden and diversify the tax base’ in order to help ease the burden for homeowners still continues as their focus today.

When it comes to creating and sustaining a superior quality of life in an ever-growing community, lowering and diversifying the tax base, and generating an abundance of opportunities, consider Rockwall. It’s just better here.

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