Memories of Christmas Past

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Today we’re sharing a holiday poem penned by Rockwall resident Glenn Boudreau.  Boudreau said he was inspired “mostly by memories from Christmas while growing up in the 50s in Rhode Island.”

“I believe that your readers who grew up in that era could identify with the poem, and remember Christmas traditions back then that they may have long forgotten,” he wrote. So here it is…

“Memories Of Christmas Past”

At this most magical time of the year

When the world seems to move ever so fast

I slow down and start to reflect

And try to recall memories of Christmas past


During those quiet December moments when all seems still

I think of boyhood scenes of Christmas long ago

With old fashioned sleigh rides and Christmas stencils on our windows

And visions of Santa, skating, and sledding in the snow


Whatever happened to those most glorious days

When good will toward men seemed to prevail the land

When the world was filled with Peace and Joy

When we would give our neighbor a helping hand


I recall the splendid Christmas of my youth

Making snow pies, snow forts, and snowball fights

Sounds of tire chains in the snow and Christmas music throughout the house

All the sounds of the season echoing to my delight


Shopping at Five and Dime, Woolworths, all the stores of yesteryear

These are cherished memories that I recall

Going to Midnight Mass and sharing Christmas greetings

Then back to the house and dessert for all


With church bells ringing and the smell of snow in the air

Enjoying a perfect winter’s night

Venturing out into the cold in the family automobile

Mom and Dad taking us out to see all the Christmas lights


With fond memories of snuggling inside our home

Watching out our window at the glistening snow

Staying close to each other while keeping warm by the fire

These are cherished moments of so many years ago


When Mom would dress us up for the snow

Complete with leggings, boots and gloves

These were times when all seemed so right

Memories of the season that I shall always love


Those were the days when Families got together

Counting our Blessings while holding each other’s hand

No cellphones or Ipads to interrupt Christmas dinner

There was Peace and Joy throughout the Land


When it was not Happy Holidays but Merry Christmas

When we would help the stranger on the street

When we would shovel our neighbor’s walk

And delight in making snow angels with our feet


Whatever happened to those precious days gone by

When there was Peace on Earth

When we kept Christ in Christmas

And celebrated our Savior’s birth


So this time of year let us all think back and recall

the magic and joyfulness of Christmas past

Let us be kind to each other as in days of Old

Let us pray for Peace on Earth at last


By Glenn Boudreau

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