Rockwall student’s poem speaks volumes during Poetry Cafe at Heritage Christian Academy

ROCKWALL, TX – Nov. 2, 2020 – Daniel Fort, student Heritage Christian Academy in Rockwall, was among the sixth graders who participated in a Poetry Cafe this past Friday at the school. His rhyming poem, entitled “The Present,” resonated with many of the teachers and students, and as such, Blue Ribbon News is honored to share it with the community.

Great job, Daniel! Keep up the good work.

“The Present”

Enjoy life without hesitation,
Don’t waste your special imagination.
For each day is like gold,
So grab on and take hold.
After all, it’s called the present.

Enjoy life for we have limited time,
And don’t just talk like a clanging chime.
Spend your time true and wisely,
Games are not as important as family.
After all, it’s called the present.

Talk to God each and every day,
So that blessings might come your way.
But don’t just do it to earn fame,
Do it so people will know God’s name.
After all, it’s called the present.

Take this in mind as you go your way,
Don’t just rush throughout the day.
For we only get to live one time,
So don’t just focus on making a dime.
After all, it’s called the present.

~ Daniel Fort, 6th Grade, HCA

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